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Zy Universe Overview

Zy Universe is a 2.5D arena shooter set on board the USS Sovereignty – humanity’s last hope for survival. While exploring the unknown of a new sci-fi universe, Players will find themselves immersed in a futuristic hand crafted world. With an air of retro nostalgia offered by the side scrolling perspective, players will engage in head-to-head battle in an immersive PvP brawler arena.


  • Hand Crafted Maps | Explore beautifully sculpted maps, and fight your enemies in uniquely designed zones. Each map has been built by hand to give you the most immersive and awe inspiring experience.
  • Throw back to side-scrolling glory | Drawing inspiration from the games of our youth, Zy Universe will toss you into the action from a side-scrolling perspective. Leaving pixel art in the past, and instead have an updated art style and unique game play to match.
  • Rich Lore | Zy Universe is part of a march larger, well, universe. As you play the game, you will be immersed in story and lore about the demise of earth, and the last hope for humanity on board the USS Sovereignty.
  • Map Events | Have a purpose instead of aimlessly wandering. Let unique map events guide you towards the actions, and also the best loot.
  • Game Modes | Taking place in a holographic-simulation on a space ship allows us to get pretty creative with everything from loot to game modes. We might have you play in a low gravity environment, or maybe a game of freeze tag, or even matches where you are stuck using melee weapons only. You won't see the same rinse & repeat nature of the game found in other arena shooters.
  • Weapons | No game would be complete without a arsenal of weapons at your disposal. Zy Universe has tons of unique weapons that will help you stomp out your enemies.
  • Skills | Unlock abilities in a skill tree to build your soldier they way you prefer. Our unique skill tree and XP system are reset after each match, so you'll be able to change your strategy from one match to the next.
Tackling Animations & Concept Art Moving Along

The latest Zy Universe newsletter has been released to provide fans with a look at what the team has been up to most recently. Among other things, concept art for portions of the game is in its final stages of development. In addition, the team is working out the kinks in the animation process using the Unity Engine. Lastly, the UI and inventory systems are being given a pass.