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Zu Online Articles

Soulflight Altar Screenshots

In addition to the announcement of the new Soulflight Altar PvP arena to be added in Zu Online, we have four screenshots to get you excited.

First PvP Arena

For players of Zu Online you'll no longer have to ask "Care to take it outside?" when you've got a score to settle with some punk who stepped on your boot. Instead, the developers are updating the game with the addition of an arena to settle just those sorts of squabbles.

Free Newbie Pack Giveaway

We are pleased to present our latest special offer for our community members. While supplies last you can get a gift key for a Zu Online newbie pack. Each key will give you 50,000 Bone, 1 Fortune Casket, 1 Alchemy Gourd, and 1 level 10 purple gears for corresponding class.

"Spars Make You a Real Wolverine"

IGG has posted a guide to enchanting in Zu Online which references Wolverine for some reason.

Top Equipment Show Event

IGG is calling on the crafters of Zu Online to show off their wares in the Top Equipment Show event for Zu Online, where the player who makes the best gear will be rewarded for their efforts.

Money Tips for Zu Online

IGG has posted tips telling players how to make money, both in-game and real world, through playing Zu Online.

Guild vs. Guild Event Guide

The folks at Zu Online have posted guide to the game's Guild vs. Guild Event.

Moonmaiden Guide

The folks at IGG have prepared a guide for players wishing to advance as a Moonmaiden in Zu Online.

 Development Plans

The folks at Zu Online have posted an overview of their efforts to improve the current version of the game as well as what may be in store in future updates.

Swordsman Leveling Guide

IGG has posted a guide for leveling the Swordsman class in Zu Online.

Daily Reward System with Next Update

The next update for Zu Online will add a new daily reward system to the game, and today IGG has provided us with a few details about that system.

New Version On The Way

IGG has announced details on the next update for Zu Online which adds a new pet and minion, a new reward system, a promise to fix all known bugs, and more.

Training on Treacherous Terrain

IGG has published a brief guide to high level training on Zu Online's Wan Mountain.

Area Occupation

IGG has posted details about the "Area Occupation", a new placed to fight in Zu Online

PK Trailer

The folks at Zu Online have put together a video showcasing the game's Player Kill, or PvP, features.