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Universal Sheepherder

By Keith Cross on January 14, 2009 | News | 0

TQ Games has posted details of an event in Zero Online featuring mech sheep that are as cute as they are deadly.

Mech pandas must impress you a lot because of the sad face and huge volume.

What about mech sheep? Recently, the Alliance has invented some mech sheep with the most advanced nano technology. Compared with the mech pandas, they look really tiny and cherubic. Can they be your pets? Never dream about that! Once irritated, they will burst out incredible power and destroy everything around! By the way, they are only in the test phase...

The thing is, after the deliberate invasion of the Othello last week, these nano sheep are missing! You know who stole them away. This time, your mission is to head to the enemy's military base and escort them out of there. It won't be an easy job for an individual pilot! You'd better understand the definition of teamwork.

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Keith Cross