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Fused Units

By Keith Cross on April 27, 2009 | News | 0

The folks at Zero Online have posted details about new gear and weapons that will be available to pilots.

When the Alliance forces try to seize a city or region, how is it the pilots manage to destroy the strong turrets and fortifications with such ease? According to the official sub-wave news, the Alliance has developed four new units, which will be put into action very soon. Each kind of unit has its own unique abilities and strong points, and is sure to make the Othello tremble in fear!.

Among them, the No. 1 units, Death Wingspan and Sunset Dirge, are called the “Lords of Destruction”. These new generation units possess the special ability to cause additional damage to buildings and emplacements.

As the main first wave unit on the battlefield, Death Wingspan shows an imposing visage, with flame and lasers glittering on his metal wings. The majesty and efficiency is what has endowed him with the gift of being called a “Lord”.

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Keith Cross