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    91 Entmt.
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    03/01/09 (03/01/2013)
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Zero Online: The Andromeda Crisis Overview

Zero Online: The Andromeda Crisis is a free-to-play sci-fi MMORPG from 91 Entertainment where players get to step into the role of a space pilot seeking to master high-tech weaponry through fighting across an immense universe at war. Players strap their characters into one of many unique battle mechs representing the Earth Alliance to face off against the marauding and mysterious Othello. ZO also hosts a unique transform system, where mechs may change into various other unit shapes, such as a large gun, or a dinosaur, for changes in strength, attack range, and attack speed. Pilots may climb through 22 ranks through the current cap of 187 levels, steadily becoming more powerful with each level. Zone, spacecraft, daily, and weekend mission are all also available, along with weekly and monthly PK tournaments.


  • Classes and Units | Artillery and Infantry are the two main classes, with each having a variety of melee, range, and transform skills.
  • Fusion Units | 8 types available: Light Infantry & Artillery, Heavy Infantry & Artillery, Pyro Infantry & Artillery, and Cryo Infantry & Artillery.
  • PK Tournaments | Weekly and monthly tournaments held at novice, intermediate, and advanced levels.
  • HGES | The Human Genetic Engineering System allows pilots of level 10 and higher to increase their Leadership, Assistance, Command, Shooting, Combat, Reflex, Mobility, Charisma, Will Power, and Endurance traits.
Transformed Unit PK Tournament
June Update