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Zentia Articles

Player Scrapbook

The official Zentia Online developer blog hosted right here at MMORPG.com has been updated with a new article featuring a few player screenshots from the Player Scrapbook living on the game's Facebook page. Check it out!

Spring Has Sprung

The official Zentia Developer Diary here at MMORPG.com has been updated with a new article about the springtime activities that players will find now and in the next few weeks. Check it out!

The Qingming Festival

The official Zentia blog here at MMORPG.com has been updated. In the ongoing Culture Corner series, Zentia devs give players the lore behind the in-game events and festivals. This time, the Qingming Festival is detailed. Check it out!

Goldilocks & the Three Producers

The Zentia Online dev blog here at MMORPG.com has been updated with a new post for readers. This time the blog post takes the form of a bedtime story and is called "Goldilocks and the Three Producers". Penned by Associate Producer David Markowitz, you just have to read it to get it.

Culture Corner: Love & Marriage

The MMORPG.com Zentia developer blog has been updated with a new "Culture Corner" post about love and marriage. The post goes into some detail about Zentia v1.2 which introduces the marriage system into the game. Check it out!

Welcome to the Culture Corner

Tao Jones has penned the latest entry into the Zentia Developer Blog here at MMORPG.com. Called "The Culture Corner", it's an innovative series that gives players the story behind the game. As Jones says, "It's great to be a hero but if you don't understand what it is you're trying to save, then it's a little harder to appreciate it." This time, the Culture Corner features a look at the New Year.

Retweet Event

The Zentia team has announced a 'retweet' contest for players to win in-game swag. Simply Tweet "My New Year's Resolution: Play more Zentia" between now and January 15th and win a Swift Cushion. Check it out on the MMORPG.com Zentia developer blog.

New PvE Server

The Zentia team has a lot of holiday cheer in the latest developer blog hosted here at MMORPG.com. A new PvE server has opened and devs have a bevy of nifty prizes for players who choose to come on over for a look. Check out the blog and then grab your gear and head into game to have a chance at the loot!

Talisman Week

The official Zentia developer blog hsted here at MMORPG.com has been updated with news and information about Talisman Week. The blog is filled with information about how to acquire, activate, transform, and smelt your talismans. Be sure to swing by to check it out!

Double XP Weekend

It isn't only shoppers who get great deals on the weekend after Thanksgiving. In a new blog post here at MMORPG.com, Zentia devs reveal that this weekend players will receive double XP this weekend. Also, the latest Z-TV episode is out and available so be sure to head to the Zentia blog.

Contest & Prizes Galore

The Zentia blog hosted here at MMORPG.com is packed with a new list of contests and lewt that can be scored just for playing, Tweeting or creating a film. Swing by the blog to check out the list of contests available and the swag that goes with them!

Culture Corner

In the latest Zentia developer blog here at MMORPG.com, the Culture Corner is featured. For those not in the know, the Culture Corner is the place to find out more about the world of Zentia and how to make your way about. Head over to the Zentia blog to read more!

The Hero Quiz

The Zentia Online developer blog hosted here at MMORPG.com has been updated with a fun new way to earn a Beginner's Pack. Devs have created a Hero Quiz on Facebook. Players completing the quiz have the chance to win an awesome Beginner's Pack that includes a Bamboo Horse, 12 slot bag, and PvP Protection Lock.

Halloween Event Details

The Zentia Developer Blog here at MMORPG.com has been updated with all sorts of information about the upcoming Halloween celebration to be hosted on all Zentia servers. There's a zombie invasion and a super look at the Cash Shop.

Get Your Free Beginner's Pack!

MMORPG.com has been given some special keys for Zentia that will grant you a Beginner's Pack in-game. . The beginner's pack holds a 12 slot bag (for extra storage space), PvP Protection Lock (it protects you from PvP until you log off), and the Bamboo Horse (one of the fastest traveling mount). Get your key while supplies last!