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Zenith: The Last City Articles

Opinion: VR Is The Future MMORPGs Need

Nick examines the MMORPG genre, its stagnation, and how VR MMOs might be the next evolution of the genre itself.

Zenith: The Last City Review In Progress Part 2

Zenith: The Last City, a VR MMORPG, has been out a week, and Kevin has been leveling up as an Essence Mage Tank. While the release had server issues, RamenVR quickly moved to implement fixes. Now that the initial launch has somewhat settled. Is the game fun? Are there issues that could turn some players off? Read about what Kevin has noticed so far.

Waving To NPCs In Zenith Is My New Favorite Thing

Emotes in MMOs are nothing new. Emotes in games in general really aren't. People have been emoting in games since time immemorial (or at least since MUDs). However, VR MMORPG Zenith has taken Bradford's favorite past time in games: waving to friends, and took it to the next level.

Zenith: The Last City VR MMORPG Review In Progress

RamenVR is releasing Zenith: The Last City, a VR MMORPG, today, and Kevin had a chance to play it over this past week. The game has a stylized look and implements several mechanics from other VR titles. Do these VR elements work for an MMORPG? Read on for Kevin's initial impressions.