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YS Online - The Call of Solum Overview

Ys Online as a free-to-play MMORPG from CJ Internet and Key to Play based upon Falcom's popular Ys RPG series. The game had anime-influenced graphics, involved the hero of the Ys games, Arol the Red, and took place in the familiar world of Esteria.

Ys Online featured the three races of Eresians, Afrocans, and Kimoans, each of which had their own class choices. Eresians could become Clerics, Knights, Rogues, Warriors, and Wizards, while Afrocans could be Guardians, Nighthawks, Myrmidons, Wiccas and Witchdoctors, and Kimoans could become Archers, Conjurors, Protectors and Shamans. The game also had quests, instanced dungeons, crafting, and a card-based enhancement system that players could use to strengthen weapons and gear, learn skills, and summon pets. Ys Online also had several PvP modes, including guild vs. guild.

Currently, outside of the Korean version, Ys Online is only playable in Europe. Other countries are subject to an IP block due to licensing issues.

Grab the Soundtrack for Free!

The massive soundtrack to Ys Online is available for download on the game's official European website, entirely free of charge. You can preview and download each track individually or download the soundtrack in its entirety in a roughly 75MB zip file.