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Xsyon: Prelude Articles

Architecture Contest Announced

Xsyon players with an architectural bent will want to check out and participate in the forthcoming contest. Beginning February 1st and running through March 1st, players are invited to overhaul their Tribes. Once finished, players submit their work to the dev team which will be looking for winners in originality, design, layout, beautification and uniqueness.

The Grand Cart Race Event Announced

Xsyon devs have announced a new event that will shine the spotlight on the just-introduced cart system. Called the Grand Cart Race Event, players will either use a cart of their own creation or a borrowed one for those still lacking the materials needed to construct a cart. At the start of the event, players will be transported to the start for a grand cart racing spectacle on a GM created course.

'Carting' Your Stuff Around

Notorious Games and the Xsyon team have let us know about the new Cart system with its accompanying "Wainwright" construction skill. With a cart, a portable storage system, players can carry much heavier gear or items and more of them. According to the devs, "gone are the days of carrying one log at a time".

Player Architecture Spotlighted

The Xsyon team is showcasing some nifty player architecture in a new gallery set up on the official site. According to the dev team, the "flexible architecture" system in Xsyon has led to some incredible creations by players.

Looking Forward

The Xsyon team has sent word about what it will be working on now that 2012 has officially kicked off. Included in the year's plans are an improved quest system, a new trade system that will incorporate player stores and much more.

Release Pushed Back

The Xsyon development team has let us know that the full retail release of the game will be slightly delayed from March 1, 2011 to March 15th. Devs indicated that the head start program for those who preordered brought several previously unseen issues to the forefront and the team needed more time to address them. Players preordering Xsyon will have two weeks of free game time added to their accounts.

Pre-Order Details

Notorious Games has sent along word that folks preordering Xsyon will have three special rewards for doing so. Xsyon is slated to officially launch on March 1, 2011 and is considered an open-ended 'sandbox' title.

Release Date Announced

According to a new post on the official Xsyon site, the game is slated to be released on March 1, 2011. The site is also now accepting preorders for the post-apocalyptic game from Notorious Games.

Big Update Deployed

The Xsyon development team from Notorious Games has released the latest beta update. The patch was released on November 10th and includes a full server and client update. All characters, data and terrain were fully wiped with the patch. Developers indicated the terrain wipe was necessary to deploy a "smoothed revised terrain".

Patch Released

Notorious Games recently delivered a fairly substantial patch to their upcoming sandbox MMO Xsyon. The change list includes new servers, crafitng updates and tweaks, improved server code, the introduction of new skills and actions, user interface tweaks and more.

Delayed to August, Further Delays Possible

Notorious Games Jordi Grau Davis has been keeping the Xsyon fanbase abreast of the latest Xsyon developments, providing updates on the status of the game, and unfortunately he recently had to inform eager as well as frustrated players that Xsyon will be delayed further to the month of August due to a number of unforeseen issues that have caused setbacks.

Release Date Pushed Back, Early Access Begins

Xsyon developer Jordi Grau Davis has updated the existing development update thread with news that Xsyon will not be making its April 15th date, instead it will be pushed back a month to May 15th while Jordi flies out to Russia to work closer with the development team on a number of key issues. Plans for early access are uninterrupted however, as pre-order customers are beginning to enter the game.

Early Release Begins Tomorrow

Notorious Games, the devleopers behind the post-apocalyptic sandbox Xsyon, have announced their plans for the coming weeks leading up to the game's scheduled April 15th launch in a post made to the Xsyon official forums.

Added to Game List; Launches April 15!

By popular demand we've added Notorious Games' sandbox MMOG Xsyon to our game list. Xsyon will be launching on April 15th, with pre-orders now available at $39.99.