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Xsyon: Prelude Articles

Summer Event Season Kicks Off On June 24th

Xsyon players have a lot of fun and challenging experience waiting for them this summer with a number of activities planned by both community and development teams. The first event is a Capture the Flag PvP contest that will take place on June 24th at 11:00 am Pacific / 2:00 pm Eastern on the Peace server, ironically enough.

GM & Player-Run Events Kick Off this Weekend

Xsyon players have a big season of in-game events to look forward to beginning this weekend. With both GM and player-run events ongoing, players can earn Event Tokens that can be collected and traded and eventually used to purchase game prizes.

Subscription Drops as New B2P Option Goes Live

Xsyon is officially now a 'buy to play' game with the drop of the monthly subscription as the primary revenue model. Players can now pick up a copy of the game for $29.99 and play forever on Steam.

Rethinking Subscriptions to Become B2P

The Xsyon site has been updated with a new developer blog that says the game is going buy to play rather than continuing to be a subscription-based game. According to the post, many Steam players balked at having to pay a subscription for an early access game, hence the change to B2P in order to retain potential players.

Laying Out the Welcome Mat to Greet New Players

Xsyon tribes will now have the ability to greet new players entering the game by being able to stage a "welcome station" complete with quests, items for sale and a way to apply for membership in the tribe.

Capture the Flag Event Kicks Off this Weekend

The Xsyon team has sent word that a special PvP Capture the Flag event will be headed into the game this Saturday, May 30th beginning at 12:00 pm Pacific / 3:00 pm Eastern.

Improvements to Player Trading Added

The second in a series of updates to Xsyon has been released that brings several key improvements to player trading into the game. Trading Posts have been added, the first of many new buildings that include infirmaries, taverns, toll gates and more.

100 New Building Components Added to Architecture System

Xsyon players with a building bent will want to check into the game to see the latest improvements to the Architecture system. Over a hundred new building components have been added along with several improvements and fixes.

Architecture Update Launched

The Xsyon team has announced that it has launched a big new update that is focused squarely on architecture and facilitating its ease of use. In particular, builders will find construction of multi-level structures much easier with the newly overhauled tools.

Kicks Off Event Season

This week apocalyptic sandbox MMO Xsyon began its Event Season, starting with a Treasure Hunt event on Friday set around the central lake basin on both the PvP and PvE servers.

Early Access Move to Steam Complete

Fans of Xsyon can now access the game via the Steam games portal. Currently in early access, Xsyon developers are looking for player feedback and bug reporting to help get the client up to par for a final release later in 2015.

Tribes and Towns Now Available to Free Players

Notorious Games is removing its previous rule requiring free players to join existing tribes before accessing the Xsyon's core gameplay. Starting this week, free players can start their own tribes and homesteads.

Farming & Cooking Introduced

The Xsyon team has let us know about the latest game update that brings a pair of new features into the world: Farming and cooking. Players can now plant and participate in all the normal activities that surround raising a healthy crop. With all that's grown, players can further take on the challenges of concocting tasty dishes.

Terrain Reversion Announced

As players have roamed through Xsyon, the landscape has shown the effects, yet new players have never experienced pristine landscape. The Xsyon team has announced that a gradual terrain reversion system is now in place that will see land returned to its more natural state over time.

Spend Memorial Day Weekend Fishing

Xsyon Prelude isn't the most devil-may-care MMO around; the Apocalypse has that effect on a game. Still, everyone needs a break from the doom and gloom sometimes, and this weekend players are invited to put down their swords and pick up their fishing poles.