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Xiah Articles

The Greatest Guild War

Gamescampus has announced the addition of The Greatest Guild War to Ziah Rebirth, a PvP system which allows 50 guilds with 30 member teams fight it out in a free for all.

Xiah: Rebirth

A new major expansion is in the works for Xiah, which has been dubbed Xiah: Rebirth.

Events and Patches

The Folks over at Xiah have made several announcements today, including word of two in game events and a new patch for Widows Vista.

Double Experience Event

The folks over at Xiah have announced that they are currently holding a Double Experience event that will run until September 4th.

Find the GM Event

Xiah has announced that they will be holding and in-game event titled "Find the GM". The concept is simple, first player to find the GM and open a trade window will receive a reward.

Earth Day Sale

In the true spirit of earth day, Xiah will be offering their players special discounts on selected items.

Valentine's Day Events

Xiah announces Valentine's Day Events.

Interview with Daehoon Jang

MMORPG.com had a chance to talk to Daehoon Jang from OnNet USA's Xiah.

Interview with Daehoon Jang

MMORPG.com caught up with Daehoon Jang of OnNet USA to talk about the MMORPG Xiah.

Manual Patch

The folks over at Xiah have released a new manual patch for their game.

Commercial Service

Xiah has announced that they have launched their commercial service where players willbe able to buy certain in-game items.

Double XP Event

The folks over at OnNet USA have announced that from today until the 27th of November, they will be running a Double Experience Points Event for the game's players.

Beginner Guide Coming Soon

Xiah has announced that they are working on a beginner guide which will be published on their website.

Launched in US

The MMOG Xiah, a martial arts MMORPG originally released in the Asian market, has made its way into North America as it announced its Grand Opening.

North American Launch

Off to a bit of a rocky start, but Xiah is now officially a fully launched MMORPG as service began today. The time was changed a few times and the team acknowledges that connections may be unstable while they get their feet under them. Here is the news.