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Xenoblade Chronicles: X Articles

Voice Actress Says 'Censorship' is Really 'Localization'

Xenoblade Chronicles X has taken some flak in the EU and North America due to perceived "censorship" of the young teen character Lin's appearance in the game. For Western audiences, the development team chose to alter her costumes fairly significantly than those found in the Japanese version.

An Open and Sprawling RPG

In 2014 it broke his neck on the big screen at E3. This week Rob reviews Xenoblade Chronicles X for the Wii U. Read on to find out if Nintendo's open world RPG has what it takes to compete with the titans of the genre.

New Battle Trailer Spotlights BIG Monsters

Nintendo has released a brand new battle trailer to show off some of the B-I-G monsters that players will face off against in Xenoblade Chronicles: X. See what you think!

Battle Trailer (Wii U)

Prepare to battle some BIG enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles X! Xenoblade Chronicles X launches on 4th

Japanese to English Changes & Differences (Character Creator)

Much has been said about the differences between the Japanese and English versions of Xenoblade Chronicles X. So we looked for ourselves to see what changes have been made, specifically to the character creator, including the outfits and bust slider.

Latest Video Gives Hints How to Survive

Nintendo has released the latest in a series of survival videos for Xenoblade Chronicles: X. In this video, players are treated to a look at large skell combat. See if you think you can survive by checking out the video.