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Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Overview

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D is an open world sci-fi action RPG and the latest game in the Xeno series. The game's setting features Shulk and his companions, who are attempting to stop an invasion of the Mechon, a race of mechanical life that has been fighting against the humans ("Homs"). Shulk becomes involved after a friend's death and gains the Monado sword, which can damage and possibly defeat the Mechon. The game features a real-time action battle system, a day-night cycle, and a party affinity system that can affect how characters relate to one another and even unlock further content. The 3D version is a port of the original for the New 3DS.

  • What's Old is New Again | Xenoblade Chronicles 3d is a new port of the original game with several new features. These include earning tokens in collection mode updates 3D graphics of the game, as well as interaction with a Shulk Amiibo.
  • People Skills | The game's party affinity system tracks the interpersonal relationships of characters, and depending how they feel about you, it can open up new elements and even content.
  • Overhauled Controls & More |The game is an exclusive for the New 3DS and includes exploration views, cycling, and more via an updated control system.
Mirroring the Original Console Experience

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D gives a whole new meaning to the term, “standing on the shoulders of giants.” This adaptation of the Wii classic has you take control of a young man, Shulk, searching for answers about his mysterious weapon, the Monado Blade. The game takes place on a world made up of the fallen forms of two titans Bionis and Mechonis. Bionis is home to the biological life forms and Mechonis is home to the mechanical life forms.