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Wurm Online Shows Off New Graphics in Major Visual Rework Currently Underway

Plus new team members

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Wurm Online team shared off new updates to the graphics in the game as part of their major visual overhaul in a forum post earlier. Here’s what we learned.

A new volumetric lighting system is currently in the works, with the team showcasing the new system in several accompanying screenshots. Volumetric lighting, if you’re unaware, is a technique which simulates the light penetrating the environment and atmosphere. Visually, you can easily see this as “godrays.”

The team also teased UI tweaks. This time, the focus was on tooltips which appear when you hover your mouse over items. You’ll be able to view the material, item type, and enchants for that specific item. The team also shared information about their team expanding with a new Art Developer, Katspurr, who some may know as Malena in Wurm Online.

Darklords is another addition who will focus on PvP and will be engaging with the community in the forums on all things PvP. Other additions and changes include Astarte who will work as LCM, and Willow who will assist Enki on all Head GM-related matters.


Poorna Shankar

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