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Wurm Online Articles

Wurm Online Will Now Let You Know When You Inbreed Creatures

So, um, a new patch for Wurm Online, will let you know when you're inbreeding creatures. Yeah so that's a thing. Here are the patch details.

Wurm Online Receives Major Animal Update

The long-awaited Animal Update for Wurm Online has finally arrived. Look forward to tons of new additions like new animals, new items, behavior changes, and much more. Here's the lowdown.

Latest Wurm Online Patch Brings Combat Changes

A recent patch for Wurm Online has brought about the changes to combat and a special moves rework.

Wurm Online's Combat Overhaul Testing Available Now

The long-awaited overhaul to combat is finally available for testing in Wurm Online. Here are the details.

Wurm Online Brings Changes to Altered Prayer Skill

Recent patch notes for Wurm Online have brought several bugfixes along with changes to the Altered Prayer skill.

Wurm Online Patch Brings Several PvP Changes

Several PvP changes were outlined in a recent Wurm Online patch. Here are some highlights.

Wurm Online Patch Brings Changes to Item Sacrificing

The latest patch for Wurm Online brings several changes, including several notable changes to item sacrificing.

Does Wurm Online's New Player Experience Hold Up?

Wurm Online is a Sandbox MMO developed by Code Club AB, which re-released on Steam July 24th, with a new player tutorial and UI improvements. While the new player experience is simple and easy to follow, it still leaves much to be desired. But is this game "the ultimate sandbox MMORPG" for new players in 2020... well, yes and no, read on to find out more.

Wurm Onlines Steam Launch Now Playable, Yet Still Squirming

Wurm Online has had what some would describe as a tumultuous launch on Steam. As servers aimed to go live with a bang on July 24th, players were met with a wriggle of frustration as errors prevented players from getting into the game.

UPDATE: Wurm Online Goes Live Today, Some Launch Issues Reported

In a tweet from Club AB's Wurm Online twitter account, Wurm Online has officially released on Steam! Some players, however, at this time are reporting issues server errors when attempting to log in.

Wurm Online Launches Steam Trailer, Releases July 24th

Wurm Online has been around for quite some time, but now they are bringing their unique brand of MMO to steam! With a planned release date of July 24th on the horizon, Code Club AB has released a new trailer depicting what players on steam can look forward to.

Wurm Online Hits Steam July 24

Wurm Online has announced that it will arrive on Steam on July 24 with several improvements.

Wurm Online Shows Off New Graphics in Major Visual Rework Currently Underway

The Wurm Online team shared off new updates to the graphics in the game as part of their major visual overhaul in a forum post earlier. Here's what we learned.

Wurm Online Receives New Loyalty System, Removal of Player Gods, More

Wurm Online has posted a new update outlining several new additions like a new loyalty system and more.

Wurm Online Updated with 6-Months' Worth of Changes & a Memorial to a Fallen Dev

Wurm Online has received a massive patch that includes, according to the developer post, "6 months' worth of changes going live". Players will find a number of reworked systems and brand new features to enjoy. Included in the mix is the new fishing system which was created by senior developer "Tich" who sadly passed away before she could see it go live. Developers completed the fishing system in her honor and have placed an in-game statue of Tich fishing.