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Devs Introduce a Whole New World with 300+ New Islands

Worlds Adrift developers "John Age 24 and Ryan" are back with the third video developer diary for the game. In this edition, the pair talk about the recently added 300+ new islands that didn't "melt the servers and didn't incinerate the entire studio in a big ball of fire". Now that's just exciting!

Check Out What's New in Latest Big Update

Bossa Studios has a brand new video out to provide a visual peek at the big improvements in the v0.1.4.1 update. Players can look for improvements and feature enhancement including ship parts becoming full "rotatable" to make ship construction a smoother, easier process.

Remnants Trailer Takes You On an Adventure

The Worlds Adrift team wants to send you on a pre-holiday adventure with its new trailer called "Remnants". It shows off a variety of locations, creatures, plants and much more. Just enjoy!