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Worlds Adrift Articles

Worlds Adrift Closing in July - Devs Cite Lack of Commercial Viability

Bossa has announced that Worlds Adrift will be closing down in July. While proud of what was achieved, developers cite a lack of commercial viability due to not reaching "the level of popularity it needs to continue". The letter further states that too much development time was spent "making the game work rather than making it the experience we wanted it to be".

Bossa Studios Celebrates the Even Balance of PvP and PvE Servers

When Worlds Adrift first launched into EA, many in the community couldn't get past the initial stage of the game due to rampant PvP. When the community cried foul, the team said that this type of gameplay was one of their core pillars and that things wouldn't be changing any time soon. However, in a new video podcast simply called "WE WERE WRONG", the team backtracks on that "pillar" and that holding "back PvE and PvP for so long" was a bad decision.

Bossa Studios Working to Improve Early Experience to Prevent Griefing

Bossa Studios has published a new developer blog to address a growing community concern with griefing. "At what point does conflict-by-design become griefing" is the central point of the article. Developers admit that it is a problem at the moment, particularly in the early game, but that the game is a community-driven project that has just entered early access with a great deal of change incoming.

Steam Early Access Launch Day Arrives with Airborne Stream Too

Bossa Studios has announced that Worlds Adrift has taken flight into Steam Early Access beginning today. As part of the celebratory event, the team and some intrepid fans will literally be taking to the skies in a special live stream event nearly 150 feet in the air. The stream is already underway and it's one you won't want to miss.

Ready to Waft Into Steam Early Access? You Can Starting May 17th

Bossa Studios has announced that Worlds Adrift will be wafting into Steam Early Access starting on May 17th. Players who want to be involved in EA from the start can do so for $25. During today's London Games Festival, the team took to the stage to speak about the game, reveal a new trailer and to treat the audience to a piece of the World's Adrift OST as performed by Murugan Thiruchelvam.

Bossa Studios Scores $10M in Series A Funding

Bossa Studios has scored some serious investment capital in the form of $10M in Series A funding through Atomico as well as additional funds from London Venture Partners. Atomico's Alexis Bonte will also join the board of Bossa Studios. According to GamesIndustry.biz, the funding will assist with the launch of the game as well as fund the search for "top international talent" to assist in the company's growth.

Island Creator Allows Players to Go Hog Wild

Worlds Adrift has been updated with what Bossa Studios is calling "the first in a series of major updates" to the Island Creator. Players will find new tools that allow them to create awesome platforming puzzles, new turrets to blow the competition away and much more.

Bossa Studios Announces Worldwide Availability

Bossa Studios has announced that Worlds Adrift is now available to anyone around the world. Previous to this announcement, the game was only out in select locations. The worldwide community, however, convinced them to open the virtual doors for everyone to assist in the development process.

Bossa Studios Announces Commencement of Limited Closed Beta

Bossa Studios has announced that the first limited closed beta for Worlds Adrift has officially begun. Those who purchased a Founder's Pack can now enter the game to try their hands at sky-faring and construction of their own sky ships.

Closed Beta to Kick Off on May 24th

The first Worlds Adrift closed beta is set to begin on May 24th. The number of players admitted will be limited at first to ensure that all systems are in good working order. To prepare for the launch of beta testing, alpha servers will be shut down on Tuesday, May 23rd, though the alpha forum will remain open for a short time after.

Closed Beta Shifting a Few More Weeks Into the Future

The Worlds Adrift team has informed testers that the closed beta test is being shifted into the future a few extra weeks. This allows time to provide more opportunities for the current crop of alpha testers to explore the most recent updates. Several fixes and additions have been made during the current test including resource respawn, resolution of connection issues, player respawn alterations and weather effects changes.

New Playtest Begins with Revamped Game Progression

Worlds Adrift is ready for another playtest with a lot of new features and enhancements now part of the game. Most notably, players will find a revamped game progression, weather obstacles and biomes with more challenges and better rewards.

Final Alpha Play Test Detailed + New Trailer!

Bossa Studios has sent word that plans are afoot for the final alpha play test for Worlds Adrift. It will be the last chance for players to try out WA before it enters closed beta testing when the pool will be limited to those who have purchased the game.

Biomes Coming to Alpha 6

Worlds Adrift fans looking for more variety in the exploration of the universe will be happy to hear that biomes are coming to the game. The official site is packed with screenshots of verdant forests, cities in construction, palm tree infested oases (yes, that's the plural of oasis) and more.

Alpha 5 Launch Coming "Soon" & EA In Q1 2017

The Worlds Adrift site has been updated with the news that the Early Access program will be starting slightly later than expected. Bossa Studios said that the game needed a bit more time in development before releasing to Steam for Early Access. Worlds Adrift will officially enter EA in Q1 2017.