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Worlds Adrift Articles

Final Alpha Play Test Detailed + New Trailer!

Bossa Studios has sent word that plans are afoot for the final alpha play test for Worlds Adrift. It will be the last chance for players to try out WA before it enters closed beta testing when the pool will be limited to those who have purchased the game.

Biomes Coming to Alpha 6

Worlds Adrift fans looking for more variety in the exploration of the universe will be happy to hear that biomes are coming to the game. The official site is packed with screenshots of verdant forests, cities in construction, palm tree infested oases (yes, that's the plural of oasis) and more.

Remnants Trailer Takes You On an Adventure

The Worlds Adrift team wants to send you on a pre-holiday adventure with its new trailer called "Remnants". It shows off a variety of locations, creatures, plants and much more. Just enjoy!

Alpha 5 Launch Coming "Soon" & EA In Q1 2017

The Worlds Adrift site has been updated with the news that the Early Access program will be starting slightly later than expected. Bossa Studios said that the game needed a bit more time in development before releasing to Steam for Early Access. Worlds Adrift will officially enter EA in Q1 2017.

Next Alpha Sign Ups Open with New Trailer to Entice You

Bossa Studios has opened up alpha registrations for the next Worlds Adrift test. Registrations will be open from today through November 18th. Potential testers can register on the Worlds Adrift site after checking out the brand new video Bossa Studios has released to entice them along. Check it out and then head to the Worlds Adrift site to sign on!

New Features to be Added for Alpha 5

After a successful Alpha 4, Bossa Studios has taken feedback from the Worlds Adrift community and is preparing Alpha 5 which will bring new and keenly anticipated features into the game. Players will gain access to sails, a gauntlet that assists with harvesting, salvaging and repair. In addition, the shipyard will be overhauled in addition to other bug fixes and much more.

Bossa Studios Opens Alpha Sign Ups

Bossa Studios has sent word that alpha sign ups for Worlds Adrift have started as of today. Potential testers can sign up for the initial round of testing, though the pool will be limited at first. The first play test will be held in September but sign ups will stop on August 29th.