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World of Warships Receives Dutch Cruisers in Early Access

World of Warships has received Dutch Cruisers which you can find available in Early Access. Read on to find out how you can command them on the high seas.

World of Warships Celebrates 5 Years With Massive Update

World of Warships is now five years old, and the naval-battle focused game is steaming ahead with a major update designed to celebrate naval history throughout the ages.

World of Warships - Soviet Battleships Set Sail

World of Warships players will have a new bunch of battleships to try out with the arrival of the Soviet fleet as it sets sail out of early access. Players will find a number of battleships to choose from and have the chance to receive one by opening a number of containers.

Legends Console Trailer - A First Look

During Gamescom, Wargaming revealed the first-ever trailer for World of Warships: Legends, the console version of the naval combat game. World of Warships: Legends will be launching on consoles in 2019.

Dasha Presents Update 0.6.14 - Pan-Asian Destroyers

The latest World of Warships video has surfaced, this time focused on update 0.6.14 that brings Pan-Asian destroyers into the game. There are ships available from Tier I through Tier X, all representative of navies throughout Asia that are "united under the flag of the Golden Dragon".

Developer Diaries - French cruisers

The World of Warships team has published a brand new video developer diary to detail the forthcoming French cruisers line. French cruisers are something that the community has been asking for and it will be setting sail in the near future.

Developer Diaries - 2017 Plans

The World of Warships team is ready to set sail into 2017 and has detailed their plans in a new video. Players can look forward to many new ships, the Great Britain tree will have more branches added, tuning passes will be made on other nations' branches, legendary commanders will be added, new customizations that are earned via game play and much, much more.

Talkin' Ship - Pirate Mode with Jon St. John

In this episode, Quemapueblos talks pirates with Jon St. John, the voice behind Pirate mode.

North Carolina NA

Developer Diaries #9: Premium Ships

Developer Diaries #9 takes you on a journey of discovery, exploring vessels that just don’t conform to the fleet: Premium ships. To fit into this category, a vessel must possess specific peculiarities that make it unique and come with a number of great advantages to the player. Discover what makes Atlanta, Kitakami and Tirpitz truly unique warships, and stay tuned for future Premium ship announcements.