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World of Warships Articles

World of Warships: Hands On With Submarines

Players got their first taste of submarine warfare in World of Warships with last year’s special Halloween event, and now Wargaming has announced that submarines will be coming as the fifth playable ship class to the game. The submarines ability to submerge and resurface in unexpected places to unleash a sneak attack behind enemy lines adds a new dimension to the flat earth gameplay we have all been accustomed to. Destroyers will also be getting some new mechanics of their own to counter this new threat.

EXCLUSIVE: High School Fleet comes to Warships

Perhaps an unlikely duo, Wargaming’s World of Warships is about to get a heaping dose of Anime Injection via High School Fleet, a popular naval-based anime that’s perfectly suited to crossing over with the action of Warships. We spoke to Wargaming’s Trevor Smith about the event, and what players can expect. For even more info be sure to check the news at the official site. The update lands on live servers this coming Monday.

First Impressions - We've Come a Long Way from Battleship

World of Warships represents Wargaming.net’s next phase of battle gaming. With the overwhelming success of World of Tanks and the high flying stunts of World of Warplanes, we now take to the seas to fight it out using historical battleships from all over the world.

Leaving Drydock & Ready to Set Sail

As a Retired Navy Chief I was skeptical of how well Wargamming.net could possibly understand Naval Warfare and be able to capture the feeling, but I have to say that for such an early Alpha build they are on the right track.

Captain on Deck

Ever wanted to try your hand at steering two thousand tonnes of metal through incredibly dangerous waters? That’s exactly what Wargaming is working on with World of Warships, the latest in their military series. During Gamescom, columnist Gareth Harmer managed to go hands-on with an early alpha build.

E3 2013 - Wargaming’s Most Ambitious Game

Wargaming had a big presence at the recent E3 convention in Los Angeles. In addition to showing off their two other games, the team ambitiously featured a World of Warships demo that awed the crowd. Check out our preview before heading to the comments to chat.