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World of Warships Articles

World of Warships Revamps Ships, Prepared for Independence Day, and Holds a Transformers Collaboration

 World of Warships has a new map in its latest update, along with improved ship models, the return of Convoy mode, and the next installment of the Transformers collaboration with Hasbro.

Interview: About Those New World of Warships Graphics...

World of Warships recently received a major graphics overhaul as part of Update 0.10.10. Just how deep (sorry, not sorry) does the overhaul go?

World of Warships: Legends Developer Interview

Over the years, Wargaming.net has brought tanks, planes, and warship battles to PC with great success. They followed those successes with a World of Tanks: Mercenaries launch on console and both World of Tanks and World of Warships on mobile devices.

Preserving History – Wargaming, Project VALOR & Keeping the USS Texas Afloat

Recently, Wargaming and Project VALOR announced a special bundle to the World of Warships community that would raise funds for the USS Texas, a WWI and WWII veteran battleship that sustained heavy damage during the recent hurricanes. This historic ship is sinking and in dire need of funds for drydock repairs. We had the chance to speak with Aleksandr Nikolaev, NA Publishing Director and Kelley James, Senior Manager of Player Outreach to learn more about the initiative.

Second Anniversary Celebration with  Aleksandr Nikolaev

It’s hard to believe that Wargaming’s World of Warships has cruised to its second anniversary. The game has undergone regular updates based on community feedback and has kept growing and is ready to grow some more. We had the chance to speak to North American Publishing Director Aleksandr Nikolaev about the second anniversary and more.

British Battleships Ready to Set Sail

British battleships will be sailing into World of Warships later this week. We had the chance to chat up Community Manager Trevor Smith to learn more about how these new ships will affect the larger game as well as try to ferret out a few other details. Read on!

Project R's Impact on the Community

If you have not been playing World of Warships recently this is a great weekend to join the game. Project R continues to run these past few weeks and brings players a chance to collect some great items in the game. Last week we hosted an interview with Chris Stott to get an idea on how the event was designed. With only a short time left to go on the event, it is now time to see how Project R has shaped the community.

Project R - A New Way to Engage Players

Project R launches in Wargaming's World of Warships later today and we had the opportunity to chat with Associate Producer Chris Stott to find out more about this unique in-game event.