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World of Warships Articles

February Events Take Captains Around the World

During a special series of events to celebrate World of Warships' six-month anniversary, ship captains will be taken on a tour of the world, the result of which will be several cool rewards including signal flags, camouflage, premium time and discounts on ships representing all nations.

Project R's Impact on the Community

If you have not been playing World of Warships recently this is a great weekend to join the game. Project R continues to run these past few weeks and brings players a chance to collect some great items in the game. Last week we hosted an interview with Chris Stott to get an idea on how the event was designed. With only a short time left to go on the event, it is now time to see how Project R has shaped the community.

Project R - A New Way to Engage Players

Project R launches in Wargaming's World of Warships later today and we had the opportunity to chat with Associate Producer Chris Stott to find out more about this unique in-game event.

Rebuild the Japanese Destroyer, Kamikaze, in New Campaign

World of Warships players have a new campaign to participate in with today's launch of Project R. Players earn "pearls" for participating in Project R that can then be used to purchase parts that will ultimately lead to building the legendary Japanese destroyer, Kamikaze.

Arpeggio of Blue Steel Anime-Inspired Content Incoming

Wargaming has announced that new content inspired by the Arpeggio of Blue Steel anime will be making its way into World of Warships. Players will be able to take on special missions, earn ship skins and more. In addition, captains can take the helm of series-inspired Kongo-class battleships, with more to be added later.

Creating Sound & Score

The World of Warships team has sent out the latest video developer diary that covers how the score and sound for the game. It's a fascinating look behind the scenes at the creative process in action. Check it out!

New Maps & Game Mode Coming November 5th

World of Warships will be receiving a significant update after maintenance is complete on November 5th with the arrival of the next patch. Three new maps will be incoming, as well as a new game mode. Players can check out what's new by viewing the video below. Leave us your thoughts in the comments!

Haunting the High Seas with the Phantom Fortress

Wargaming has unveiled the Halloween happenings in its newest title, World of Warships. Beginning October 20th and continuing through November 2nd, players on North America servers can take it to the mat with exclusive boss ships, the Phantom Fortress and the Salem Witch.

Developer Diaries #9: Premium Ships

Developer Diaries #9 takes you on a journey of discovery, exploring vessels that just don’t conform to the fleet: Premium ships. To fit into this category, a vessel must possess specific peculiarities that make it unique and come with a number of great advantages to the player. Discover what makes Atlanta, Kitakami and Tirpitz truly unique warships, and stay tuned for future Premium ship announcements.

Take to the High Seas to Test German & Russian Ships

The World of Warships team is asking players to help test out German cruisers and Russian destroyers that have recently been added to the game. The test will take place from October 13th through October 19th beginning at 2:00 pm Pacific / 5:00 pm Eastern.

Ah, the Joy of Blowing Up Large Ships On Screen

Wargaming.net has created a fantastic presence in the online space with its historical combat games. World of Tanks burst onto the scene and rose to power as one of the best battle arena games created in years. It stayed true to history and quickly gained the respect of millions of players. World of Warplanes had a tougher time of it. The key to these games is having maps which give players a chance to compete, not too many obstacles in the open air.

Soviet Tech Tree to Set Sail October 19th

Wargaming has announced that one of the first major World of Warships updates will be centered on bringing the Soviet tech tree into the game on October 19th. Soviet ships include a full destroyer line, complete with several legendary ships.

First Impressions - We've Come a Long Way from Battleship

World of Warships represents Wargaming.net’s next phase of battle gaming. With the overwhelming success of World of Tanks and the high flying stunts of World of Warplanes, we now take to the seas to fight it out using historical battleships from all over the world.

Wargaming's Latest Sets Sail, Matey

Wargaming has announced that World of Warships has weighed anchor and is sailing the gaming seas around the world. Players will be able to take part in both PvP and PvE battles on ten maps. PvP will pit teams of twelve against one another in an epic battle for control of the high seas.

Ranked Battles Explained

Hit the sea and obtain Rank 1 for rewards and glory!