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World of Warships Articles

Calling All Captains to Help Save Transylvania

World of Warships is unleashing Halloween on its captains, this time in the form of an event that sends ships to Transylvania in a war for the living. Players will head into a mission to the Silver Spear Archipelago in one of four Halloween-themed ships.

Warships by the Numbers - Happy 2nd Anniversary!

World of Warships officially is turning two this week. Wargaming has produced a pretty nifty infographic to show off some of the big numbers pulled by sailors over the past two years. In addition, the dev team is ready to unleash in-game festivities throughout the balance of the month.

Second Anniversary Celebration with  Aleksandr Nikolaev

It’s hard to believe that Wargaming’s World of Warships has cruised to its second anniversary. The game has undergone regular updates based on community feedback and has kept growing and is ready to grow some more. We had the chance to speak to North American Publishing Director Aleksandr Nikolaev about the second anniversary and more.

Wargaming & Team Rubicon Partner for Hurricane Relief

Wargaming has partnered with Team Rubicon to offer World of Warships players a number of special bundles. 100% of proceeds from the sales of these bundles (ranging in price from $5 to $25) will be sent to Team Rubicon, a charity operation with members transitioning from military service and offering them an opportunity to assist those affected by domestic and international natural disasters.

British Battleships Ready to Set Sail

British battleships will be sailing into World of Warships later this week. We had the chance to chat up Community Manager Trevor Smith to learn more about how these new ships will affect the larger game as well as try to ferret out a few other details. Read on!

High School Fleet Ships Sail the Seas Starting Today

From today though September 30th, 2018, World of Warships players can get hands on the new cross promotional High School Fleet ships. Two vessels themed around the anime are available in the Premium Shop, each one's Commander voiced by the original anime voice actors.

EXCLUSIVE: High School Fleet comes to Warships

Perhaps an unlikely duo, Wargaming’s World of Warships is about to get a heaping dose of Anime Injection via High School Fleet, a popular naval-based anime that’s perfectly suited to crossing over with the action of Warships. We spoke to Wargaming’s Trevor Smith about the event, and what players can expect. For even more info be sure to check the news at the official site. The update lands on live servers this coming Monday.

New Public Test Event to Put PvE Scenarios Through Paces

The next World of Warships Public Test event will kick off on Thursday, May 25th and run through Monday, May 29th. During the event, testers will be trying out cooperative battles. Scenarios have four "operations" within them and provide an "historical context" for all of them. Operations see teams of seven players cooperatively working through a number of objectives and battles in order to earn achievements and rewards. Operations are for players of Service Record 8 and with tier V/VI ships.

UI Improvements, a New Event & More in Next Update

Wargaming has a new preview of the next big update coming to World of Warships. Update 0.6.5 will bring a number of important changes to the game including improvements to the UI, a new collectibles inventory, new skins, ship balance as well as the Hunt for the Bismark event.

Wargaming Unleashes the Game Center App

Wargaming is placing the launchers of all of its games into a single app called Game Center. It will be used to completely replace the individual launchers for World of Tanks, World of Warships, and all of the other Wargaming stable of games.

French Cruisers Sail Into WoWS Waters

World of Warships got another infusion of sea going behicles with the arrival of French Cruiser line. These ships combine high speed with the ability to use special line-specific boosts to change position quickly and are designed to go head-to-head with destroyers in close combat.

Clash of Elements Event Begin, Runs Through May 4th

Wargaming is challenging players to a new World of Warships event called Clash of Elements. Ship captains will choose a side in the fight: Either fire or water. During the event, players will take part in 3-round matches with the goal of winning two out of three rounds. Each win tips the scale in favor of one side or another in order to be able to purchase Gift Shop rewards that include a unique Kamikaze R ship.

Developer Diaries - French cruisers

The World of Warships team has published a brand new video developer diary to detail the forthcoming French cruisers line. French cruisers are something that the community has been asking for and it will be setting sail in the near future.

Next Update Previewed, Setting Sail on January 18th

The next update for World of Warships is ready to set sail on January 18th and it comes packed with new content including visual and graphic changes, ship exterior upgrades, and balance updates. Most significantly, players will have the new Elite Commander system to work through that gives access to nineteen new skills and much, much more.

Developer Diaries - 2017 Plans

The World of Warships team is ready to set sail into 2017 and has detailed their plans in a new video. Players can look forward to many new ships, the Great Britain tree will have more branches added, tuning passes will be made on other nations' branches, legendary commanders will be added, new customizations that are earned via game play and much, much more.