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Naval Academy - United States Cruisers

Packed with heavy artillery, highly effective AA guns, and enough maneuverability to dodge torpedoes and Battleship shells. The US Cruisers are built to take on any challenge during battle. Join us as we breakdown the strengths and weaknesses of the US Cruiser tech tree. Twitter: https://twitter.com/worldofwarships Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WorldOfWarships.NA Want more info? Check out the World of Warships website! North America Portal: http://worldofwarships.com/

Latest Dev Diary Talks Strategy & Tactics

Wargaming has sent out the latest video developer diary for World of WarShips. In this latest edition, the team discusses strategic deployment of ships, tactics for success, gives players a bit of knowledge about future map development, and the historical background of some of the ships and locations featured in the game.

1300 More Beta Keys Ready To Go!

We have 1300 more closed beta keys for World of Warships to give out. Get yours while you still can!

Closed Beta Key Giveaway

We are honored to join forces with Wargaming.net to celebrate Military Appreciation Month by giving away closed beta access to their new Warship MMO game - World of Warships! These keys won't last so get one while you can!

Japanese Fleet Examined in New Video Diary

The World of Warships team has sent out a new video developer diary that gives players an inside look at the Imperial Japanese Fleet. The diary reveals the creative process behind each ship and gives viewers a look at how each will fare against the U.S. Navy.

Developer Diaries #5 Japanese Warships

In the fifth installment of the World of Warships Dev Diaries, we explore the versatile and deadly Japanese warships making waves during the Closed Beta. You can check out how the Japanese Navy's deadly destroyers and crafty cruisers fared against their U.S. counterparts, and discover the secret weapon of the Imperial Japanese Navy lurking in the deep. Ready to set sail, captains?

Special Beta Event Celebrates the First Space Flight

World of Warships beta testers will want to check into the game this weekend for a special World of SPACEships event that is quite literally out of this world! From this morning, Saturday, April 11th through Tuesday, April 14th, players can take part in the special event that celebrates the first space flight that took place on April 12, 1961.

Pre-Order Bundles Features Unique Ships, Premium Time

The World of Warships shop has been updated with several new pre-order packages for the upcoming title. Bundles feature unique ships, premium game time and Gold Doubloons, the in-game currency. Prices for these special bundles run from ~$25 to ~$59 and are available to preorder now.

Hands On with Closed Beta

World of Warships, previously known as World of Battleships, is a free-to-play naval action MMO from Wargaming.net. Following in the tradition of Wargaming.net's World of Tanks and World of Warplanes series, World of Warships allows players to command a variety of military vessels and engage in fast-paced, massive strategic battles. In this video our own Garrett Fuller goes hands on with the closed beta and offers his impressions.

New Dev Diary Dives Into US Navy History

Wargaming has released a brand new developer diary that gives World of Warships players a look at the history of the US Navy and its place in the game. Check it out!

Developer Diaries #4 U.S. Warships

We're proud to present the fourth installment of Developer Diaries. This episode is dedicated to the ships of the American Branch in World of Warships. Enjoy the show!

Wargaming's Latest Cruises Into Closed Beta

The World of Warships has officially entered closed beta testing and servers are live. Best of all, all NDAs and embargoes have lifted to give players and streamers a chance to post their impressions of the highly anticipated title. Check out the CBT launch trailer and keep your eyes peeled for more news out of the WoWS camp.

Alpha First Impressions

TheHiveLeader takes a look at the latest alpha test of World of Warships, the new game from Wargaming.net http://www.mmorpg.com http://www.youtube.com/thehiveleader

Closed Beta Sets Sail March 12th

Wargaming has announced that World of Warships will officially kick off closed beta testing on March 12th. The game has undergone a lengthy alpha phase and several special event weekends. The news that WoWS is finally entering beta should come as good news to players.

Gameplay Takes Center Stage in New Trailer

Wargaming released a brand new World of Warships trailer. Rather than simply a cinematic look, the new trailer shines with gameplay footage showcasing aircraft carriers, destroyers, dive bombers, torpedoes and more. If you haven't had the opportunity to see World of Warships in action, this is a fantastic video to check out. Let us know what you think in the comments.