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World of WarPlanes Articles

Bruce Dickinson Warplane Diaries to Feature Legendary Aircraft Profiles

Not sure who Bruce Dickinson is? Think Iron Maiden and of Dickinson's role as the legendary band's front man. Ah, now that the connection is made, you may be wondering about the connection to Wargaming and World of Warplanes. As it turns out, Dickinson is a huge fan of military aviation and he has been asked to narrate a series of videos to profile some of history's most iconic aircraft including the Messerschmitt Bf.109, the Spitfire and the Hawker Hurricane.

New German Planes Fly Into Game with Latest Update

World of Warplanes has been updated to v1.7 that brings new German aircraft into the game as well as a pair of new locations for budding pilots to check out.

Update 1.6: New USSR MiG Fighters

Hit wargame World of Warplanes this week added a new line of Tier 5 and higher Russian MiG fighters and revamped existing planes by adding a new multi-role class of warplanes.

Update 1.5 - New PvE Combat Mode

Wargaming is known for its competitive multiplayer games, but this week the company's expanding its repertoire by adding PvE to its flight combat MMO, World of Warplanes. The new 15 v 15 PvE combat mode gives new pilots the chance to hone their dogfighting skills against the AI in all new, original battle missions.

Dornier DO17 Permanent Exhibition Announced

As part of its continuing effort to restore and preserve historic military equipment, Wargaming has announced its partnership with the Royal Air Force Museum to bring the Dornier DO17 aircraft to the RAF Museum in London upon its restoration. The historic plane is expected to be fully restored sometime in 2015.

New American Planes & Improved Features Launched

The latest update to World of Warplanes has been deployed worldwide. Included in the v1.3 patch is the American heavy bomber line as well as several significant feature improvements largely based on user feedback.

Flight School #5: Technical Specifications

Wargaming has released the latest in a series of tutorial videos for World of WarPlanes. Flight School #5 goes over the five aircraft technical specifications - durability, firepower, airspeed, maneuverability, altitude performance. The video also spotlights what affects them and how to change them to suit a player's or a situation's needs. Check it out!

New Combat Missions & Features Implemented in 1.2

World of Warplanes has been updated to v1.2 with the patch bringing new features and combat missions into the game. In combat missions, players have a series of objectives to complete and, upon doing so, players gain rewards and a detailed breakdown of the mission's stats. In addition, a new matchmaking algorithm has been implemented that will properly match rookies with rookies and more experienced players with one another.

Extreme Fans Makes WoWP Logo in the Sky

Extreme sports skydivers with a passion for World of WarPlanes took to the air recently to create the WoWP logo in the skies above Russia. The event was filed and is available for you to check out. All we can say is "Wow!"

New Aircraft, Battle Arenas & Achievements Arrive

Wargaming has announced that World of WarPlanes has been updated to v1.1. The update includes fourteen new aircraft, two new battle arenas and a slew of epic achievements. In addition, the team announced a new Alienware sweepstakes that will end on January 5th.

Taking Off into Retail Release

Wargaming has announced that World of WarPlanes is now officially in retail release after a successful open beta run. The team is promising that the game will continue to grow over time with additions of new nations and planes.

Launch Day Livestream with Pico and the Devs!

In celebration of today's World of WarPlanes official launch, our own Bill Murphy will be hosting a livestream interview and community interview session with Wargaming devs Michael Zinchenko, Gareth Luke, and Pico Mause. After the interview, the four of them will hope into several matches to see how terrible Bill is at piloting his mid-range aircraft. Join us at 3pm PT / 6pm ET on the MMORPG.com Stream Page!

British Planes Soar Into Game

World of Warplanes beta testers will have the opportunity to check out the British line of aircraft thanks to their arrival in game today. Legendary planes including the Spitfire and the Javelin are now available.

Release Date Postponed

Wargaming has announced that it has postponed the anticipated launch of World of WarPlanes to November 12-13, 2013. The team indicated that the extra time gives developers a chance to further polish and enhance the aerial combat game.

Flying into Release in September

With the World of WarPlanes open beta running successfully, Wargaming announced that the game's official release will take off on September 25th in CIS countries and the following day in North America and Europe.