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Getting Gold

William Gallon Posted:
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Following up on my previous article, I thought it would be appropriate to try and help others with easy ways to earn gold yourself, without putting your account at risk and supporting RMT.

One of the most well-known and used methods of making gold is to complete daily quests every day. James Wood's article is a pretty good guide on how to do your daily quests fairly quickly. The downside to daily quests, however, is boredom. Doing the same few quests every day for a bit of gold gets very boring very fast, leaving the player feeling burned out after they do their quests and making them less likely to want to do anything else. There are people who enjoy doing daily quests, but some people try and avoid questing as much as possible, leaving this as not much of an option for everyone. This method of earning gold is steady, however, as the gold reward will always be the same, as long as you complete the same amount of quests and the same quests themselves each day. They may also come with secondary rewards, such as another type of currency or reputation.

A second and also well known way to make gold in World of Warcraft is to play the auction house. Most people know what this is, but may not know how to do it. The basic concept is to buy low, and sell high; how you do this, however, can greatly affect your ability to make a profit. Sure, you are able to do so without any help, but using the Auctioneer add-on makes this much easier. What you will want to do is create an alt and give him some bags and some starting gold. You run an auction house scan a few times a day with auctioneer, and after a few days you should have a good average price on most of the things on your server. You can now look for items that are selling for below the average, buy them all up and relist them at the average price. You can also combine this with enchanting, if you have it leveled. If you know what types of items disenchant into which materials, you can look for items that sell for less than their disenchanted material counterparts, buy the item, disenchant it and relist the materials. Disenchanting materials are always in demands, so you won't have to worry about if they will sell or not.

A third way to make gold is to have any sort of crafting profession in general. Excluding engineering (which is more for fun than for profit, although it is possible to profit a bit with engineering) most crafting professions can create something that other people will want and pay for. Jewelcrafters can (obviously) make gems and jewelry for other people. Every time someone gets a new piece of gear with a gem slot on it, a Jewelcrafter has a chance for a profit, as that gem slot will need filled. This gives Jewelcrafters an infinite chance at profit, as people are always gaining new gear. They are also able to prospect ore from miners, reselling the gems they find or cutting them and reselling them, making an easy profit. Blacksmiths can make a very useful starting weapon for most classes, which may last the user through heroic Naxxramas depending on the class of the user. Inscriptionists can create glyphs (again, obviously) for others that will aid them in whatever aspect of the game they are playing. Most people will want to respec at some point during their play time, and will also need new glyphs to compliment their new spec. This guarantees inscriptionists to always have a market. Enchanting is the same as Jewelcrafting. Every time a person receives a new piece of enchantable gear, they will most likely want to have it enchanted to make sure they have the highest amount of stats possible. With all of these professions, however, you must either invest time or gold to level them. Most low level materials are price gouged due to the small amount of people farming them, so you must either be willing to pay the largely inflated price or spend the time farming the mats yourself. Farming some of the mats yourself requires you to have a gathering profession, which leads into my next method.

Gathering Professions are also an easy way to make gold on a character. Right from the start, you are able to start creating a profit by picking up materials you come across while you are leveling your character. You can then sell these materials on the auction house for people with crafting professions to use and make into items that they can either use for leveling or sell themselves for a profit. You can use skinning to get leather off of mobs that you kill while leveling, which is good for you while you are leveling but makes using this profession a bit different from mining and herbalism when you reach the level cap. You must then grind mobs in order to skin them, rather than just collect a node like you are able to with herbalism and mining. Herbalism and mining taken as a pair also allows you to hop on an epic flying mount and zip around a zone or two, checking your map for nearby nodes and just flying down to collect them and then flying off. This can also become redundant after awhile, as flying around in a circle and looking at the same scenery over and over again may become boring. This method also may have a higher or lower profit margin, depending on the economy on your server.

Another way is to become a bit of a "mercenary". You can offer to run people through instances for gold, allowing you to have a change of scenery while earning gold, as well as having someone to talk to. You will know how much gold you will be getting before you set off, and you will also usually get a bit extra on the side due to drops that the person you are running doesn't want. There is a bit of a risk involved, though, as it is possible for the person you are running to not hold their side of the bargain and pay you for the run, or even you may need to leave early and forget to give the other person their money back, leaving you with a bit of a bad rep. You are also (if you are good enough) able to sell yourself off as a member of an arena team. This is becoming less and less common due to blizzard changing the arena system to prevent this, but it is still possible. You can either have a pre-made 3v3 or 5v5 team with one spot open to carry a person to a certain rating, or offer to join someone in a 2v2 team for a certain amount to get to a certain rating. This is much more difficult to do, but allows you to PvP and to make gold at the same time. You are also able to make gold from PvPing by buying rare gems from the honor vendor, allowing you a bit of a steady income. This also allows you to PvP to earn gold, but neither are a very fast way to make money.


William Gallon