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Cooking and Fishing In Dalaran

By Angela Lindsey on May 28, 2009 | Guides | Comments

Cooking and Fishing In Dalaran

Just started fishing and cooking and wondering what they have to offer? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. These days with the dailies and food buffs, there are quite a few high-level characters putting away their weapons and picking up a fishing pole or a chef’s hat for the first time. Instead of just grinding the levels away fishing for and cooking food that wouldn’t make a dent in your health if you tried, try some of these handy dailies! You have the opportunity to find some very useful fish while earning some decent gold, so what are you waiting for?

You’ve gotten to Dalaran and spent some time fishing in the fountain. Your bag is full of the best buff food for your class and you have fish feasts for days. Still wanting more fishing fun? Good. Let’s get fishing out in Northrend!

Marcia Chase

Marcia Chase was underrated at the beginning of Wrath of the Lich King, mostly spending time selling bright baubles to eager fishers hoping to catch coins or sewer rats. She’s been given a new, more exciting task, though! She now offers adventurers fishing daily quests. This guide will help you understand what you need to do to get the Chasing Marcia achievement for ten shiny achievement points!

Blood is Thicker

Marcia Chase in Dalaran City wants you to bring her 5 Bloodtooth Frenzies. Seems simple enough, right? There’s a catch. Do you remember questing in Borean Tundra and having to steer clear of the D.E.H.T.A. encampment after killing defenceless animals? This time, you want the Animal Blood debuff. Head over to the nearest pool of water, but make sure it’s deep enough to clear yourself of the debuff. Fish in the pool of blood you’ve created, and you should have your Bloodtooth Frenzies within two to three casts. Head back to Marcia for your reward.

Dangerously Delicious

Marcia Chase in Dalaran City wants you to bring her 10 Terrorfish. “The best fishing is often the most dangerous.” Depending on your server and what time you’re working on this quest, this may very well be true. This quest requires that you venture into Wintergrasp and do some fishing in the waters there. If you’re on a busier server, there’s a good chance you’ll have a few run-ins with the opposing faction, so be prepared. Thankfully, it seems the fish are caught fairly quickly, so you can run to the nearest flight path (or the teleporter if you happen to have won the last battle) and get out of there before you’re in too much danger. Take them back to Marcia (no doubt wondering why she couldn’t get them herself) and hope the reward is as great as the risk.

Jewel of the Sewers

Marcia Chase in Dalaran City wants you to bring her a piece of Corroded Jewelry. This quest text is a bit misleading, as it tells you that “the trick is to let your hook drag the bottom”, leading you to think that you should go near the arena masters in the sewers. Wrong! Head over by the inn and fish off the dock there. This one tends to take a few extra casts compared to the others, but don’t let that get to you. You’re in the right spot! Take it back to Marcia. Another quest down toward the achievement!

Monsterbelly Appetite

Olisarra the Kind in Dalaran City wants you to return the Severed Arm to her. Time to brave the Frozen SeaFrozen Sea” should work. Another plus is that you don’t have to fish from monsterbelly pools, just open sea. Dress warm and watch out for fatigue! and get some fishing done amongst the icebergs. It seems this fish can be caught anywhere that Deep Sea Monsterbellies can be caught, so basically anywhere that your location is listed as “

The Ghostfish

The Ghostfish

Marcia Chase in Dalaran City wants you to discover the mystery of the Phantom Ghostfish. This fish is fished up in Sholazar Basin, right near the River’s Heart flight path. It’s a good reason to go out and do your Oracles/Frenzyheart dailies if you’ve unlocked those. Fish in the lake at River’s Heart until you come up with a Ghostfish. Make sure you eat the fish, as it will despawn if you wait too long. You’ll discover the “mystery” of the ghost fish – invisibility, apparently. Something to note here: there have been reports of being able to catch this fish in other parts of Sholazar. This hasn’t been confirmed, but if you’re feeling brave or bored, have at it!

Now that you’ve done some fishing and made some cash, let’s explore the other side of the food chain – cooking. The cooking dailies start in your faction’s inn in Dalaran, so Alliance characters should visit Katherine Lee in A Hero’s Welcome, and Horde characters should visit Awilo Lon’gomba in The Filthy Animal. Unfortunately, there are no cooking dailies in Dalaran that include fish, so doing double-duty on the dailies is a no-go, but it’s easy to get the ingredients for the cooking dailies, so don’t fret about it.

Awilo Lon’gomba

There are only two ingredients that you can prepare beforehand, so stock up. The first is Chilled Meat, which drops off of just about any beast in Northrend. If you’re level 80, you probably have a stockpile of this somewhere. If not, go farm for about ten minutes and you’ll probably have a stack. The other is Rhino Meat which, unsurprisingly, drops from rhinos. Train up how to cook Northern Stew and Rhino Dogs, and you’re good to go.

Sewer Stew

Head down underneath Dalaran and start looking for carrots. If you’re an herbalist, this quest will be extra simple for you, as the Crystalsong Carrots will show up when you use your herb-tracking ability. If you’re not an herbalist, just look for the sparkles. Once you’ve got all four carrots and four pieces of Chilled Meat in your inventory, find a cooking fire and use the Cookpot in your inventory. Go talk to Ajay Green in the sewer inn and get your reward – just over five gold, a Dalaran Cooking Award, and a Small Spice Bag, which can contain an additional Dalaran Cooking Award, special recipes, Old Spices, Baby Spice and Northern Spices.

Cheese for Glowergold

This quest is very convenient, as you don’t even have to leave Dalaran to complete it! Go around Dalaran looking for sparkling Half Full Dalaran Wine Glasses, which are usually on top of tables in the inns. Once you’ve found all six, head over to the cheese shop “One More Glass” next to the Sunreaver’s Sanctuary and pick up the Aged Dalaran Limberger, which can spawn on any table or crate inside the shop. Combine them all with the old shield (Ranid probably won’t notice!) and take the completed platter to Ranid Glowergold inside the leatherworking and skinning supply shop.

Convention at the Legerdemain

Remember the “One More Glass” wine shop you were sent to for the quest above? That’s the same shop you need to visit to find your Jug of Wine. Combine it with four Northern Stew (cooked, one Chilled Meat per stew) and you’re on your way. Head over to Arille Azuregaze in the Legerdemain Lounge, which is the neutral inn directly across from the “One More Glass” shop.

Katherine Lee

Infused Mushroom Meatloaf

Head down into the sewers and find some mushrooms. These are scattered around on the ground everywhere in the sewers, so keep looking until you have four of them. Combine them with two Chilled Meats over a cooking fire, and then bring them to Curiosities & Moore, which is across from the Fountain and Marcia Chase.

Mustard Dogs

This is the only daily quest that you have to go specifically hunting for the meat component to the recipe, requiring four Rhino Dogs, which are cooked with Rhino Meat. It’s best to keep a stash of this on hand so you don’t have to go out of your way when this daily quest pops up. I wouldn’t suggest skipping this daily, however, because instead of just one Dalaran Cooking Award as a reward, this quest gives you two! You could potentially earn three from this, if you’re lucky enough to find a Dalaran Cooking Award in your Small Spice Bag. The only other thing you need to complete this quest is four Wild Mustard, found inside Dalaran wherever there is grass. For Alliance characters, the Beer Garden behind A Hero’s Welcome is a good place to find this, but you could also go inside Runeweaver Square or Krasus’ Landing if you wish. Put your Rhino Dogs and Wild Mustard into your Empty Picnic Basket and bring this up to Archmage Pentarus at Krasus’ Landing.

Now that you’ve got the basics on cooking and fishing quests, go forth and complete your achievements, earning ten points each for Our Daily Bread and Chasing Marcia. Well worth it, when you combine it with the gold and other various rewards you come across!

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