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World of Warcraft Articles

Blizzard Prepares Us With Changes Arriving in Shadowlands Pre-Patch

Blizzard has outlined several World of Warcraft changes and other helpful info as we all prepare for the Shadowlands pre-patch.

Latest WoW Shadowlands PTR Build May Make Warlords of Draenor Crafted Transmogs Unobtainable

It looks like the latest build of World of Warcraft Shadowlands on PTR has made a few Warlords of Draenor crafted transmogs effectively unobtainable.

Thousands of Bots Were Banned in WoW Classic

Well. It looks like Blizzard has just banned thousands of bots in WoW Classic according to a recent forum post reiterating how no cheats or hacks are allowed.

World of Warcraft - The Last Afterlives Animated Short Episode, Revendreth Now Available

The fourth and final episode of the World of Warcraft animated short series, Afterlives, has released. The episode follows Sire Dentharius as he attempts to calm his people during the anima drought.

World of Warcraft: How Roleplayers Reformed Azeroth

Roleplaying communities in any MMO have a special place in the history of the playerbase. However, World of Warcraft's RP community across multiple servers has a history of actually help shape and reform Azeroth into what we know today. Chris breaks down just some of those instances.

Blizzard Reminds Us of Tools If You're Being Harassed

If you've experienced harassment in World of Warcraft, Blizzard has outlined some tools and steps you can take to address that.

World of Warcraft - Shadowlands' Afterlives Third Episode Now Available

Blizzard has released the third episode for the Shadowlands series, Afterlives. Afterlives is a four-part series that outlines what players are getting themselves into when they finally step foot in the released version of Shadowlands, the next World of Warcraft Expansion.

Here's How Blizzard is Making Leveling Alts More Flexible in Shadowlands

For those of you who enjoy leveling alts, good news, It appears Blizzard has heard you and have provided an update on how they want to provide a better experience for you when Shadowlands arrives in World of Warcraft on October 27.

You Can Help Choose World of Warcraft: Shadowland's Next Mount

You can have a hand in choosing World of Warcraft's next mount for Shadowlands.

World of Warcraft - Countdown to Shadowlands

The last couple of weeks have given us not only the release date for Shadowlands but also the first two episodes of "Afterlives" have been released. In the same way, Warbringers, Harbingers, and Lords of War set the stage for BfA, Legion, and WoD, respectively; Afterlives gives us a peek into some of the happenings in the shadowlands before we arrive there. If you've missed any of these, I strongly recommend checking them out. Not only are they interesting, but they are always very well done and

World of Warcraft Shadowlands Will Not Require An SSD Afterall, According To Blizzard

Blizzard made some waves when the official system requirements of Shadowlands was revealed to require an SSD.

World of Warcraft Showcases Maldraxxus In Latest Shadowlands Afterlives Short

Continuing its Afterlives shorts, Blizzard debuted the second video honing in on Maldraxxus.

World of Warcraft - Shadowlands Update Removes Global Cool Down from Some Spells

Blizzard has announced by way of a post on the official forums, that some spells that were categorized as "burst cooldowns" will no longer have a global cooldown in post Shadowlands World of Warcraft. The post goes on to explain that they did this primarily because these many of the abilities in the burst cooldown category did not feel effective, or weren't worth the payoff to utilize them.

World of Warcraft's 'Impressive Influence' Reputation Buff Returning This Month

The Impressive Influence Reputation buff is coming back for this month in World of Warcraft, and will include Visions of N'Zoth factions.

WoW Shadowlands Will Require an SSD

According to the system requirements for World of Warcraft's upcoming expansion, Shadowlands, you'll need an SSD system configurations