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World of Warcraft Articles

World of Warcraft Players Upset With Trading Post Grind As New Trailer Heralds February 1st Launch

World of Warcraft's Trading Post is coming next week, opening up on February 1st. Blizzard doesn't want players to forget this, and as such has released a new trailer all about the new feature. However, as information starts to trickle out about how to get some of the cosmetics, players have already begun voicing concerns.

New High Level Content, Goblin Monks, and New Gear Coming in Dragonflight Patch 10.0.7

World of Warcraft offers a preview of patch 10.0.7, which will bring new high-level content, new armor sets, and open the Monk class to new races.

The Storm's Fury and Revival Catalyst Are Here As Dragonflight 10.0.5 Goes Live

World of Warcraft update 10.0.5 is live. It's time to step into the Storm's Fury, expand your wardrobe options, gather some gear to transform via the Revival Catalyst, and get ready for the Trading Post.

World of Warcraft Opens Cross-Realm Queues for Arenas and Battlegrounds

World of Warcraft has opened up another way to play together, with cross-realm queues for Arenas and Battlegrounds now open (including for Wrath Classic).

World of Warcraft Classic Dev Out at Blizzard Over Opposition to Forced Employee Ranking Policy

Former World of Warcraft Classic co-lead developer Brian Birmingham is out at Blizzard over frustrations with a "stack ranking" policy that forces managers to rate 5% of their employees poorly to save money,, even when they're qualified workers.

NetEase Has Scathing Response To Blizzard Following Proposed Deal, Tears Down Orc Statue

To say Blizzard and NetEase's relationship is on the rocks is an understatement. Since Blizzard announced the shut down of their games in China since the two could not reach an agreement, the two have been locked in a war of words for months. Earlier this week the latest salvo was fired, and it included a livestreamed teardown of NetEase's Orc statue to boot.

Head into Ulduar As the Raid Goes Live in Wrath of the Lich King Classic

World of Warcraft adds Ulduar raid to Wrath of the Lich King Classic, as the Secrets of Ulduar adds new content, a new Arena Season, rewards, and more.

World of Warcraft Details Revival Catalyst and Full Notes For 10.0.5 Are out

The Revival Catalyst is coming to World of Warcraft with update 10.0.5 on January 24th. Full notes for the update are out, along with details on the new feature for turning older gear into new shinies.

Blizzard Offers Mount and Pet to Tempt Long Sub Signups, as Vault of the Incarnates Raid Finder Wing 3 Opens

Vault of the Incarnates opens Raid Finder Wing 3, with Broodkeeper Diurna and Raszageth The Storm-Eater. Blizzard also launched a new capaign to tempt long-term subscription signups by offering some rabbits.

Blizzard Tried to Extend NetEase Deal in China By Six Months to Avoid Service Interruptions

According to a report, Activision Blizzard tried to extend its partnership deal with NetEase to keep its games running in China a little longer, but a deal never came together. Seven Blizzard titles are shutting down in the Chinese market next week.

WoW Classic's Wrath of the Lich King Expansion Reminds Me Nostalgia Can Be Cruel

The original Wrath of the Lich King is the number one expansion in World of Warcraft for many and that includes Kanishka as well. But after experiencing the expansion all over again in Classic, it made him realize that nostalgia can play a major role in changing our perception of how good or bad things truly were "back in the day."

NetEase Lays Off Staffers Who Worked On Blizzard Games In China As Part Of Partnership's End

NetEase and Blizzard couldn't come to an agreement on their existing licensing deal, which means the latter's games will be pulled from China's market. As a result, according to The South China Morning Post, NetEase has begun laying off or reassigning those team members who maintained Blizzard's games.

Dragonflight PTR Features Storm's Fury Event, Accessibility Changes, and Improvements

World of Warcraft's next Dragonflight update has hit the PTR, bringing many features including the new Storm's Fury event, changes to Solo Shuffle to discourage leavers, class tweaks, and a number of accessibility changes.

World of Warcraft's Patch 10.0.5 Releasing On January 24th

World of Warcraft's next content update is coming later this month to retail WoW, bringing a new Primal Storm event, the trading post, and more.

Starting World Of Warcraft For The First Time In 2023? Here Are A Few Things To Consider

With the launch of Dragonflight revitalizing World of Warcraft, many players are considering returning or even playing for the first time. As great as this is for the overall health of WoW, choosing to start a new MMO or returning to one can be a difficult choice with limited information which might apply to you directly. With this in mind, let's discuss some major points to consider when deciding if World of Warcraft Dragonflight is a good fit for you.