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ASAP Episode 28: Update 9.6

In this episode of ASAP, Michael Jivetc, the Lead Producer of World of Tanks briefly goes over some of the changes in the upcoming update 9.6. Significant changes to Tank Destroyers, accuracy, maps, crews, and new features in Strongholds. Watch the video to find out more!

Special Event: Tank Rally Mode

Coming soon to World of Tanks: “ Tank Rally “ a new game mode. A unique Chaffee sport! Watch the Tank Rally trailer!

XBox 360's Rapid Fire Update Trailer

XBox 360 World of Tanks players can now head into the game to check out the new content that has arrived with the Rapid Fire update, now live across all servers. Rapid Fire expands the American and German lines, gives players the opportunity to research advanced autoloaders and two new maps have been added. To celebrate the release of Rapid Fire, Wargaming has sent along a new trailer. Check it out before heading to World of Tanks XBox 360.

GDC 2013 Wargaming Interveiw

Our friends at Glasshome.TV sent this one along for us to share with you lot. Bobby Venomous and Chris Cook take a moment on the GDC 2013 show floor to chat about the future of Wargaming, e-sports, console titles and what we can expect to see in the coming year! Watch full episodes of our livestreamed shows at http://twitch.tv/WeekInGeek and tune in Live every Friday at Noon PST for the Week in Geek! Follow us Twitter: @geekyweek @bobvenom And the Facebooks: .www.facebook.com/weekingeek

British Tank Destroyers

World of Tanks will be updating soon with a hefty ten new British Tank Destroyers. The update will deploy in Europe on March 6, North America and SE Asia on March 7 and Korea on March 20. In addition, three new German light tanks will be deployed and a revamped new player tutorial will be added.

Chinese Tanks Trailer

Update 8.2 for World of Tanks will invite players to experience the very best in Chinese tank development, across 17 new armored vehicles. The new Chinese tech tree will be composed of modifications on the Soviet, French, British, and American combat machines, and will also include a number of the Chinese-made tanks that never went into mass production.

Update 7.5 Teaser

The only vehicles to hold the top-tier niche, heavy tanks have been dominating World of Tanks battlefields for quite a while. But not for long now. Update 7.5 is bringing nine deadly mediums and tank destroyers looking for their revenge at tier 10. Watch out, heavies.

Update 7.4 Game Play

Wargaming.net has partnered with MMORPG.com to bring our readers the first ever trailer featuring some of the big changes coming with the World of Tanks v7.4 update that's due to hit servers soon. Check it out and then let us know what you think!

v7.2 Trailer

Wargaming.net has announced that World of Tanks will shortly be updated to v7.2. The patch is slated to bring big changes to the game including a pair of new maps, new crew skills, an integrated new player tutorial and more. http://www.mmorpg.com http://worldoftanks.com/registration/

The French Tanks

Wargaming.net has released v7.0 for World of Tanks. The new update brings a host of new features and a pair of new maps into the game. In addition, the dev team announced that v7.1 is on its way which will feature the French tech tree. Initially, 18 new tanks will make their debut including light, medium and heavy tanks. At a later date, SPGs and tank destroyers will be deployed. The team has released a video showing off the new tanks. Enjoy!