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World of Tanks Articles

Interview with World of Tanks Composer Akira Yamaoka

World of Tanks is proud to work with composer Akira Yamaoka on its upcoming project for new artists. Akira is best known for the Silent Hill series which took the horror genre of games into a whole new level. He has been making music for games as far back as Contra. Akira will be judging the music submitted by fans for World of Tanks. He also will have a song on the new soundtrack. We got the chance to sit down with Akira and ask some questions about his career and passion for World of Tanks.

Gamescom 2017 - Loud Noises Aren't All That Will Blow You Away

World of Tanks is getting a new lick of paint soon. After years of methodical updates, Wargaming are introducing a host of new graphical changes with three upgraded maps. Some major sound enhancements are incoming this September. After Sabaton’s recent collaboration with World of Tanks, we sat down with Wargaming’s Al King to find out why it’s not just the loud noises that will blow you away.

Wargaming War Stories Interview With Jeff Greg & Andrew Hura

August twenty-first marks the dawn of a new day for World of Tanks console players as Wargaming embarks on a new single-player/co-op venture called War Stories. Last week at Wargaming's Chicago offices, we spoke to Lead Game Designer Jeff Greg and Lead Environment Artist Andrew Hura about the challenges the team faced in creating this new mode.

Frontline Provides Massive PvP Mayhem - Our Exclusive Interview

Frontline is the latest expansion for World of Tanks which allows players to join much bigger battles. The games now host 30v30 combat scenarios for everyone to join. We got the chance to talk with the World of Tanks’ Chris Stott to go over this latest edition.

Grand Finals 2016 – Interview with Mo Fadl

With boots on the ground during the recent World of Tanks Grand Finals 2016, we had the chance to talk with Mo Fadl, Head of Global Competitive Gaming to learn about the current eSports scene and what the future holds.

Console Version Rebuilt from the Ground Up

The Evolution of World of Tanks is upon us with its metamorphosis from the limitations of the Xbox 360 to the abundant horsepower of the Xbox One. Wargaming has taken their highly successful game World of Tanks and rebuilt it from the ground up.

Interview With Mo Fadl, eSports Director of Wargaming.net

This year's Grand Finals in Warsaw, Poland marked a maturation point for Wargaming.net's fledgling eSports league, and eSports director Mohammed Fadl had some interesting observations about Wargaming's progress and the overall evolution of entertainment.

Wargaming's Archaeological & Historical Projects

Wargaming has been involved in a number of initiatives to conserve and preserve historical vehicles from World War II. We had the distinct privilege to interview Tracy Spaight, the Director of Special Projects at Wargaming to talk about the company's love of history. See what he had to say, as well as take a look at some truly awesome videos and photos of the amazing things Wargaming is doing.

Xbox 360 Launch Party: Interview with Denny Thorley

Yesterday we posted the chat we had about this week's 360 World of Tanks launch with Wargaming CEO Victor Kislyi and Microsoft Games Studios GM Matt Booty. Today we round out the conversation by relating our discussion with Denny Thorley, General Manager of Wargaming's Chicago office.

Xbox 360 Launch Party: Interview with Victor Kislyi & Matt Booty

This week marked the launch of mega-multiplayer hit World of Tanks on Xbox 360. At an event held in downtown San Francisco, we sat down for a chat with two of the main players behind the launch and asked them about appealing to a console audience, Wargaming's growing pains, and the pitfalls of meteoric success.

The Chieftan on Designing Treaded Monsters

Tanks don’t grow on trees. They don’t just magically appear out of nowhere and then a bunch of soldiers just climb in and start blowing stuff up left and right. There’s a lot of work that goes into designing these treaded monsters. And no one seems to know more about what it takes to put one together than Wargaming’s Nicholas Moran.

Bringing War to eSports

Wargaming recently announced the formation of an eSports league around their premier title, World of Tanks. We managed to corner Wargaming's Head of eSports Caleb Fox to talk all about it. See what he had to say before heading into the comments to discuss it.