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World of Tanks Articles

Sennheiser to Sponsor Blitz Rise of Continents Tournament

Wargaming has announced that Sennheiser is sponsoring a four week World of Tanks: Blitz mobile tournament called "Rise of Continents". The tournament will begin on September 28th. No registration is necessary, just log in and play. During the event, clusters will command armies to complete a number of objectives that may include most tanks destroyed, most victories, etc. At the end of each week, region points will be tallied.

Japanese Nation Receives Reinforcements In Update 9.10

Wargaming has announced that update 9.10 that comes packed with several new Japanese tanks in tiers 2 through 10 is now live. In addition a new domination event called Rampage has been added.

Blitz Update 1.11 Released

World of Tanks Blitz (the mobile version) has released a new update 1.11, bringing in more British, American, German and Soviet tanks and missions for gold.

XBox 360 Players to Celebrate Lunar Landing This Weekend

World of Tanks XBox 360 players will be able to revisit the popular Lunar Mode in celebration of the anniversary of the first landing on the moon by Apollo 11. The event will kick off today, July 17th and run through July 20th.

v9.9 Launches with New Features & Updated Content

Wargaming has announced the deployment of the latest World of Tanks update, v9.9. The patch brings changes to maps, armor mechanics, changes in Clan Wars and graphics upgrades. In addition, the patch brings a pair of new events and two new vehicles to the game. Check out the video below to find out more.

Xbox One Special Two Day Beta Event Begins

Wargaming has announed a special two day beta event for World of Tanks that is open to all Xbox One owners. The event will run from Saturday, July 11th through Sunday, July 12th, and will feature a nice package of in-game perks for those who participate.

Mobile Version, Blitz, to Celebrate Year One with a Bang

World of Tanks: Blitz players will be happy to hear that the game is turning one on June 26th. To celebrate, Wargaming has announced that all players will receive a special anniversary tank by way of thanks and can look forward to other gifts as well.

Launching July 28th for Xbox One

Wargaming has announced that the XBox One version of World of Tanks will be launching on July 28th. In addition to the core gameplay, both XBox One and XBox 360 will be able to engage in cross-platform warfare.

Domination Event Begins Today

World of Tanks has launched its Domination event this week which will run throughout the month. Ten minute battles are being added to the game along with several new vehicles. Most important though is the ability to respawn your tank!

Celebrates Memorial Day Weekend With Special Events

This weekend, World of Tanks' nod to Memorial Day begins with a 3X XP bonus multiplier for your first win and 2X the xp for every subsequent battle.

Top 10 Moments of The Grand Finals 2015

Wargaming has put together a compilation video to show off the top ten moments from the recently held World of Tanks Grand Finals held in Warsaw, Poland.

XP Boosts & More to Honor 70th Anniversary of WWII Ending

Wargaming is offering double experience, shop discounts and a day of premium game time to all World of Tanks players in honor of the end of World War II. Players can take advantage of 5x experience for the first win of the day and take part in several new missions.

Wargaming.net's Grand Finals - Hellraisers Take the Trophy

Today was another intense day of tank-battling action at the Wargaming.net Grand Finals in Warsaw, Poland as the semi-finalists wrangled for bragging rights and $150,000 in prize money.

Update 9.7 Launches in North America

Wargaming has announced that v9.7 has officially launched in North America with other regions set to update later this month. 9.7 brings new French tanks into the game, as well as a new Team Battles Feature, the "Overlord" map and changes to the Random Battle matchmaking to give the newest players a chance to battle with others of the same skill level.

Siberian Wolfpack Update Unleashed

World of Tanks XBox 360 players have some new tanks to try out with the Siberian Wolfpack update. The Soviet medium tanks have been unleashed into the game including the A-43, the A-44, the Object 140 and the Object 430 II.