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World of Tanks Articles

Starter Pack Giveaway!

MMORPG.com has been given special gift keys for World of Tanks that will give new players a Starter Pack featuring 500 gold, 7 days premium and the Churchill III (U.S.S.R.) tank! Get your key now!

Roll Out! Comic Issue #1 Ready to Rumble on August 31st

World of Tanks is expanding into a whole new media with the release of the game's first tie-in comic, Roll Out!, set to hit newsstands on August 31st. Penned by the renowned Garth Ennis (Preacher, War Stories) and illustrated by Carlos Ezquerra (Judge Dreade, Strontium Dog), the comic is set in 1944, a pivotal time during WWII.

Love Tanks? See the Real Deal Crush Stuff at PAX West

Wargaming is ready to rumble...literally...at this year's PAX West. From September 2-5, a real life Panzer tank will be on hand with a bevy of items to crush. The assembled crowds will vote between two items to crush. The "winner"...if such a thing can be said of the soon-to-be-flattened item...is moved to a special carpet to meet the tank's treads head on.

Wargaming to Mark Tank Centenary

The Tank Museum in Britain will be celebrating the one hundredth anniversary of tanks in battle. Sponsored by Wargaming, the event will remember the Battle of Somme when the first British forces took tanks into battle on September 15, 1916. Trafalgar Square in London will host a British World War I tank for 1,100 hours on the anniversary.

WGL Gold Series Season Begins

Wargaming.net has announced that the WGL Gold Series Season 2016-2017 has begun. Season 1 will take place from August to October with Season 2 running from January to May.

New Game Mode Introduced In Blitz

Wargaming's cross-platform game World of Tanks: Blitz has been updated with the new game mode, called Supremacy. As the name implies, teams battle for dominance on the newly reworked version of the Falls Creek map.

Twenty Thousand Attendees at Tankfest 2016

Over the past weekend, over 20,000 World of Tanks fans showed up at Tankfest 2016, a huge increase over last year's 6,000. The event took place in the UK with folks coming in from all over Europe. Wargaming personnel were on hand as well, including Richard Cutland, the military historical specialist with the company. Check out the event video below to see how awesome this annual even truly is.

French Tanks Rumble Into Console Version

Wargaming has announced the release of the 3.1 update to the console version of World of Tanks. With this update players will be able to own and fight with the complete French line (PS4 edition) and newly added French tanks to the Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions.

Blitz Throws A 2nd Birthday Party with 55 Million Guests

Wargaming is thanking all fifty-five million players who have taken part in its cross-platform game, World of Tanks Blitz. Collectively, players have taken part in nearly 600M battles, scrapped 5.6 billion tanks, and spent nearly 4,400 years in the fight.

PS4 Updated With The Addition Of Chinese Tanks

The PS4 version of World of Tanks has been updated with "The Tank Dynasty" patch that brings 20 tanks from the Chinese line into the game. The patch also includes the new map called Pearl River that brings an Asian themed location into the game.

Tank Football Incoming -- Get Ready to Score!

World of Tanks players will be able to take part in Tank Football 2016, a special event that will run from June 10th through July 10th. Teams will take part in 3v3 battles to score the most goals during a seven-minute match. Goals are scored by shooting the ball with the tank's guns and into the opponent's net.

Fight for the Motherland Event Scheduled for Console Players

For the first time ever, World of Tanks XBox One, PlayStation 4 and XBox 360 users will be able to partake in a special in-game event called Fight for the Motherland. Successful completion of each operation will see players earn the Motherland Premium Tier VIII Medium tank that is based on the historic T-54 First Prototype. The event will kick off on May 31st.

Responding to Community Feedback, Latest Patch Deployed

Wargaming has taken development of its World of Tanks updates to a new level by concentrating on community feedback to bring significant feature updates and improvements into the game. In Update 9.15, players can look forward to big improvements in the game's UI and UX elements alongside physics and sound enhancements.

Play to Help Donate Up to $100,000 to Charity

Wargaming has announced that it will be participating in Military Appreciation Month for the fifth year in a row. This year, instead of a 'simple' donation, World of Tanks players are being asked to "play to donate". Every completed match will see $1 go to the pool of up to $100,000 that will be given to the Fisher House Foundation.

Wargaming Partners with Dark Horse for 5-Comic Series

Wargaming has announced its partnership with Dark Horse to bring a World of Tanks comic to fans in the fall of 2016. Called Roll Out, the comics will come in a five issue series. Garth Ennis will pen the story while Carlos Ezquerra will create the look of the comics.