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World of Tanks Articles

Runaway Tiger is WoT's Fifth War Stories Campaign & It's Out Now on Consoles

World of Tanks players who have been enjoying the War Stories Campaigns will be pleased to hear that Runaway Tiger, the fifth in the series, is now out on all consoles. In this chapter, players will experience the Battle of El Alamein, but with a twist. Runaway Tiger is an alternate history campaign where "Allies have secretly gained access to a German production facility".

Wargaming.net League's 2017 Championship Teams Announced

The World of Tanks 2017 Championship roster of teams for the Wargaming.net League 2017 tournament has been announced. Each region (EU, CIS,NA,APAC and CH) will have teams represented and will compete for a share of the $300,000 prize pool at this year's WG Fest. The first event will take place during the playoffs from December 13-17 with the finals held at the Moscow Expocenter on december 23rd.

Swedish Tanks Arrive in Game for XBox One & PlayStation 4

Wargaming has announced that the console version of World of Tanks has been updated with the new Swedish tank line that brings in twenty new vehicles including light, medium and heavy tanks as well as tank destroyers into the game.

Realm of the Fallen Tanks Blasts Into Game

World of Tanks is going on a spooky bent when Leviathan pierces the veil between the world of the living and that of the dead. Leviathan rolls through its domain as fallen tanks "wage an endless war for the chance to pass to a safe haven".

Blitz Version Sees Warhammer 40K Space Marine Vehicles Roll Into Battle

Wargaming has updated World of Tanks Blitz with a series of Space Marine vehicles straight out of Warhammer 40K. The vehicles are part of the Macragge's Thunder event that has kicked off today and can net two "iconic vehicles" including the Vindicator and the Predator, both shiny in the Ultramarine colors.

Kennedy's War Story Campaign Launches for Consoles October 17th

Wargaming has announced that console World of Tanks players will be able to revisit the Cuban Missile Crisis in the new story campaign called Kennedy's War. It will be available on October 17th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and XBox 360 and for XBox One X at launch. The story mode campaign is free to all players.

New War Stories Campaign Launches for Consoles

Wargaming is offering World of Tanks console players an interesting way to take part in the game in content called "War Stories". These single-player and co-op campaigns allow players to experience historical, alternative history scenarios and even fantasy stories all within the World of Tanks setting. The first of these campaigns launched in August. Operation Sealion is now live and Kennedy's War is set for release in October.

30 vs 30 Grand Battles Mode to be Unleashed in Update 9.20

World of Tanks players will be able to begin taking part in the new 30 vs 30 Grand Battles once the 9.20 update goes live. As part of the Grand Battles, a new map called Nebelburg (1.4 km x 1.4 km) will be added for fierce Tier X battles on a huge scale.

New In-Game Soundtrack Composed by 'Avid Tankers'

World of Tanks will soon be getting some pretty sweet new in-game music, notable for most of it being created by avid tankers themselves. Heavy metal band, Sabaton, is bringing a special vehicle into the game, while Akira Yamaoka of Silent Hill fame has created an epic score.

Remember Dunkirk Events to Tie into Christopher Nolan's Film

Dunkirk is an upcoming film by Christopher Nolan. Wargaming has partnered with Warner Bros. to bring a series of in-game events into all of the company's games including World of Tanks, World of Warships and World of Warplanes.

Ranked Battles to Feature New Currency & Special Items

When Update 9.19 goes live in World of Tanks, it will feature Ranked Battles. Players participating in this new game mode will gain access to "Bonds", a new currency used to purchase Improved Equipment and Directives. These items are specific to Ranked Battles.

Wargaming Backs Off Threats Against Critical YouTuber

World of Tanks "fanfluencer" SirFoch went on a YouTube tirade late last week after it was revealed that a Grand Finals premium tank was sporting an $80 price tag. According to Kotaku, SirFuchs used some mighty colorful language in describing the company as well as flipping the virtual finger. In response, Wargaming threatened to have his video taken down as a violation of copyright.

VALOR Family Emblems to Support Military Association

Wargaming has announced a new partnership with the National Military Family Organization, a group that provides support to spouses through scholarship programs and Operation Purple. From today through May 31st, players who purchase special VALOR emblems or flags in World of Tanks, World of Warships and World of Tanks Console will see 100% of all proceeds going directly to NMFA.

Large Scale Combat Coming in Frontline, Testers Wanted

Large scale 30v30 battles are coming to the World of Tanks public test realm on April 10th. To get things prepared for testing, Wargaming is asking for testers to submit their applications to try out the new mechanics, objectives and more.

$300,000 Grand Finals to Take Place in May

For the first time, the World of Tanks Grand Finals will take place in Moscow, Russia. Twelve teams will be battling for a share of the $300,000 prize pool. The event will take place on May 23-24 and May 27-28 with the finals to be held at the VTB Ice Palace. Any of the tournament action is free to attendees.