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World of Tanks Articles

Closed Beta Phase 1 Ends

Wargaming.net has announced that the first closed beta phase for World of Tanks has ended. The second phase of the CBT is slated to begin tomorrow, Wednesday, September 1, 2010. In addition to those two announcements, Wargaming.net gave out a bunch of impressive stats about CBT1.

American Tank Tree Screens

Wargaming.net has sent along seventeen new screenshots of the American tank tree that is currently in development for World of Tanks. Patton wannabes will love these new screens and will have the chance to get behind the wheel of these behemoths in the near future. Check them all out in our World of Tanks gallery!

Tank Destroyer Screens

Wargaming.net devs have released eighteen new screenshots from its upcoming WWII game, World of Tanks. The screenshots feature the behemoth vehicle, the tank destroyer. This gigantic machine is a heavy duty, slow moving, long range shooting dynamo with crushing vulnerability at close range.

Introducing Medium Tanks

World of Tanks devs are introducing medium tanks in the latest video produced by Wargaming.net. These medium tanks are the 'jacks of all trades' in WoT. They can accompany larger tanks and protect the slow moving behemoths from enemy fire. They can also ram smaller tanks utilizing their superior size.

Light Tanks Trailer

A new World of Tanks gameplay trailer has been released by developer Wargaming.net. The video features a look a the light tank class and shows off its versatility on the battlefield.

Get Your Beta Key Right Here!

MMORPG.com has been given a massive amount of beta keys for World of Tanks - the all new massively multiplayer armored combat game from Waraming.net. The best test begins on July 8th, 2010 but you can get your key and pre-register now! Get your key now and get into the beta testing action!

Closed Beta Coming July 8

Wargaming.net has announced that its flagship MMO, World of Tanks, is set to hit its closed beta phase of development on July 8, 2010. The closed beta is slated to last for several months and players will have full access to the 70+ unique vehicles.