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World of Speed Articles

Additional Game Modes, Chat & Clans Coming After Open Beta Launch

The World of Speed Steam page has been updated with a new developer blog to provide readers with information about what the team has been working on most recently as the game races towards Open Beta. Most notably, players can expect several new systems to launch after the start of Open Beta including: Clans, new game modes, and a new chat system.

New Chat Options & UI Improvements for New Players Coming Soon

The World of Speed developers have taken to the game's Steam page to post another in a long line of diaries to keep fans abreast of changes being implemented in the game as it heads closer to open beta testing. In the latest post, readers are informed about the growing dev team, improvements being made to the UI to assist new players, and the possible inclusion of Group Racing in a future build.

New Maps, Global Chat & Some Super Secret Surprises in the Works

The World of Speed blog on the game's Steam page has been updated with a new post that is short and sweet but continues to show the team's commitment to getting the game out to open beta. While there are some secrets that developers are keeping to themselves, we do know that global chat and other social features are in the work. In addition "new liveries" for rides are being created as well as new maps with different tracks.

Devs Still Speeding to Open Beta Release

The World of Speed Steam page has been updated with a series of blog posts to close out the weekend. In each, the team discusses ongoing progress being made to bring the game closer to the open beta phase of development. Most notably Ranked Races are still a work in progress, but that devs are working as quickly as possible to bring the open beta closer to release.

Ranked Races Tweaked, Optimization Improved

As the World of Speed team races towards open beta, it has been hard at work to prepare the client for deployment. This week a number of adjustments have been made to the back end to improve connectivity and to shut down memory leaks for better performance. On the gameplay side, the team has made some adjustments to Ranked Races based on community feedback.

Latest Update to Include Client Optimization, Open Beta Coming Soon™

The latest World of Speed developer diary has been published that informs the community that the team has been hard at work on a pair of patches that will prepare the game for open beta. One patch is focused primarily on client optimization while the other will bring the player Profile feature on board.

Devs Collect Data & Feedback as the Game Races to Free-to-Play

The latest World of Speed developer update has been published on the game's Steam page. In it, players are informed that the team is collating and examining racing data in order to determine what should be published on individual profile stats pages. In addition, Ranked Races are being examined in order to "find the balance between all the ideas and rules that have been suggested by our community".

Plans for Moving From Early Access to F2P Are in 'Full Motion'

The latest World of Speed developer diary has been published on the game's Steam page. In it, we learn that the next update is in the works and that 'we are only a few steps from release' as a free to play game. Players can look for Update 0.3 in the near future that will bring changes to Ranked Races, the addition of the Player Profile that allows tracking of progress and overall performance over the course time.

Big, Big Changes Zoom into Game with Update 0.2

The World of Speed team has taken to the Steam early access page to inform players that v0.2 has been deployed. The patch brings a massive number of changes and improvements to the game including an overhauled upgrade system, balance tweaks and new features.

Racing into Steam Early Access on August 23rd

Saber Interactive and Mad Dog Games have announced the Steam release date for World of Speed. Players will be able to jump in and get racing beginning on Wednesday, August 23rd. The game will be free to download and play with in-app purchases. Currently three car packages are listed on the Steam page, though pricing information is as-yet unavailable.

Gamescom Trailer Shows Off Teamwork

Slightly Mad Games has released the Gamescom 2014 trailer for World of Speed. In it, the team emphasizes team game play and the acquisition and completion of objectives. Check it out!

A Dream Drive Through Moscow

Slightly Mad Studios and My.com have released the latest trailer from the upcoming racing MMO, World of Speed. In the new video, viewers are taken on a high-octane race through the streets of Moscow as a Mazda RX-7 takes on a Mercedes 190E. The video also give out the first information about the forthcoming closed beta and how you can get involved. Check it out!

Visual & Performance Tuning Featured in E3 Trailer

World of Speed will feature a huge variety of ways a player can give their car a unique look, but also a unique performance on the racetrack. The team behind WoS has released a fantastic new trailer to show off the astonishing array of both visual and performance tuning features that players can expect when World of Speed goes live.

Moscow: Game vs Reality Trailer

Slightly Mad Studios and My.com have released a brand new trailer for World of Speed. In it, players get a firsthand look at the Moscow track complete with actual race footage spliced in with in-game footage. Check it out to see if you can spot the difference!

Brands Hatch Circuit Screens

World of Cars is a game that is squarely aimed at race car fanatics and the team is ready to show off some of the circuits players will be able to drive on. In the latest reveal, the Brands Hatch circuit is shown off.