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Paradox Making Progress to Develop World of Darkness + Vampire: The Masquerade News

Paradox Interactive's investor report contains a couple of very interesting snips of information for fans of both World of Darkness and Vampire: The Masquerade. CEO Fredrik Wester wrote that both IPs will "step up their visibility in the market by organizing community activities" and more. For World of Darkness, Wester said that "progress is being made with White Wolf Entertainment's efforts to develop" the game. A new fifth edition board game will be launched for Vampire: the Masquerade.

Interactive Audio Project Announced

White Wolf has partnered with Earplay to bring World of Darkness to a new interactive experience. The story, penned by Dave Grossman and Richard Dansky, will see a teaser episode released, called "The Orpheus Device".

White Wolf Lays Out Assertive Plan for WoD IP

White Wolf CEO Tobias Sjögren and Lead Storyteller Martin Elricsson took to the stage in a recent fan event to lay out plans for the future of the World of Darkness IP. According to the pair, the IP is alive and well with big plans for the coming years. Of special note is that a new computer RPG is in the works, perhaps building on assets reclaimed from CCP Games after WoD MMO was canceled in 2014.

Paradox and White Wolf Sitting in a Tree

Last week it was announced that CCP Games sold the rights and all assets of White Wolf Publishing (the folks behind the World of Darkness and Vampire: The Masquerade IPs) to none other than Paradox Interactive. In light of this, we called up the brand new CEO of White Wolf, Tobias Sjögren about the purchase and what it might mean for RPGs and MMOs with the White Wolf branding in the future.

All WoD Assets and Code Now Owned by Paradox

In an interview with the new CEO of White Wolf Publishing, purchased from CCP by Paradox Interactive earlier this week, Tobias Sjögren told MMORPG.com that Paradox has indeed acquired all of the code and work done on World of Darkness before development was halted by CCP last year.

Paradox Buys Out All White Wolf IPs -- New Life Ahead?

Paradox has confirmed that it has purchased White Wolf and all properties from CCP, developers of EVE Online. This includes both World of Darkness and Vampire: The Masquerade. While nothing has yet been said beyond the confirmation of the buyout, it is possible that this could lead to a revival of WoD and new life for the Vampire series.

Mismanagement Contributed to the Game's Demise

According to a new investigative piece at TheGuardian.com, CCP's mismanagement of the development of World of Darkness eventually brought about the game's demise. Development on World of Darkness, after years in production, ended this past Spring to the dismay of many in the MMO games community.

Screens & Details Leaked

It will be with painful thoughts that fans of World of Darkness check out the leaked images from the now-cancelled title by CCP Games. Rock, Paper, Shotgun is showcasing several screenshots and other information about the game.

Development Stops, 50+ Atlanta Studio Employees Released

CCP Games has announced the cessation of production on World of Darkness. As a result of the stoppage, over fifty employees in CCP's Atlanta-based studio have lost their jobs. Remaining staff will be assigned to other positions on existing titles.

Layoffs at CCP Altanta Affect Dev Team

World of Darkness fans may end up having to wait longer for the game to see the light of day thanks to a round of layoffs at the CCP Games-Atlanta (USA) office. Fifteen employees have been let go according to a statement from CCP.

What the Future Holds

During the recent CCP FanFest, we managed to catch up to World of Darkness's Executive Producer Chris McDonough to talk about his roots with White Wolf and what it means to bring the World of Darkness world to life. Read on and then stop by the comments to chat.

Pulling Back the Veil

CCP's World of Darkness has been in development under the proverbial radar. But at last week's FanFest, CCP was ready to reveal new information about the game. We've got the full report so check it out!

Ready When it's Done

During last week's CCP FanFest, the team was ready to unwrap a tiny corner of the World of Darkness, a game that many players are quite interested in. We've got the full report from FanFest so keep reading!

First Ingame Footage

First footage shown at the annual CCP FanFest in 2012.

CCP’s Plans to Dominate 2012

CCP scored another big victory in this year's MMORPG.com Players' Choice Awards when it took Game of the Year 2011. We recently talked with CCP's CEO Hilmar Petrusson and Head of Marketing David Reid about how the team plans to challenge all comers in 2012 with more EVE, Dust 514 and World of Darkness. Read on!