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Wonderland Online Articles

Tent, Sweet Tent

Player housing in Wonderland Online comes in the form of a tent. In a new announcement, The Wonderland Online team has revealed a series of new tent shapes including a Dutch windmill, a Japanese 'lucky' cat, and a medieval castle.

Free Limited Gift Pack Giveaway

The new version of Wonderland Online - Clash of Champions has been released! To celebrate this exciting news, the Wonderland Online team wants you to have a Special Pack which is valued at $20. The packs are limited. First come, first served.

New Human Pet Added

Ever wanted a saint in your pocket? If so, Wonderland Online is the game for you now that devs have added the St. Joan pet to the game. In addition, the latest update features two new player characters, Karin Liebtrud, who lives large as a princess and Kurogane Juzo, who wields a mighty hammer.

Updated to v6.0

Wonderland Online has updated to version 6.0. The new game version brings two new maps online, Cornwall and Domremy. The Wonderland Online site has been updated with two new lore pieces behind the new maps.

New Expansion & Dedicated PvP Server

Wonderland Online players have a new expansion to explore with the arrival of Clash of Champions. In addition to new systems and maps to discover, PvP fans will have a brand new dedicated server at their disposal. The expansion broadens the known Wonderland Online world into the Middle Ages and introduces epic characters and events that helped shape that time in history.

Version 5.0: Glory of the Empire Update

IGG's Wonderland Online will be adding a number of new features to their game with the release of an upcoming update entitled "Glory of the Empire". The update will feature a new marriage system, new maps, several new bosses and NPC's, three new Deity Beasts, and two new human companion pets.

Nessie the Loch Ness Monster

Find Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster in Wonderland Online. Contrary to popular belief, Nessie actually prefers the warm Mediterranean Sea and can be found there. Watch out though, Nessie may swallow you whole when you find her. If this happens, expect to wake up within the giant beast.

Colours and Customization

IGG has posted an brief article about colours and customization in Wonderland Online.

One Year Anniversary Events

The folks at Wonderland Online have announced a series of events to celebrate the one year anniversary of the game's launch.

Aether Landing Craft Screenshots

Today we present six new screenshots from Wonderland Online depiciting the Aether Landing Craft.

Version 4.0 Preview

The folks at IGG have posted a preview of version 4.0 of Wonderland Online.

New Year Gift Keys

MMORPG.com and IGG have teamed up to bring a new gift promotion to our community. While supplies last you can pick up a gift key that will give you cool in game items such as XP potions, apparel and more!

New Year Events

IGG has announced a series of events to celebrate the New Year in Wonderland Online.

Transfer Mirrors and Class Changes

IGG has announced the addition of the Transfer Mirror to Wonderland Online's item list, which allows players to change classes.

Transportation Overview

IGG has posted an overview of new modes of transportation in Wonderland Online.