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The Most Magical Time of Year in Wizard101

Vanessa Mythdust Posted: Dec 12, 2018 9:00 AM
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Do you think students at Ravenwood actually get a winter break? I think it'd be deserved, but then again, there's always something threatening the spiral. A week off could be what the villains need to gain the upper hand. You know what ... it doesn't matter. My character has graduated Ravenwood, the newest crisis was averted, and now I'm planning on just sitting back and sipping a hefty amount of eggnog.

As per usual, Felix Navidad is also taking advantage of this cheery time of year. He's brought back his various seasonal mounts, pets, and items. Not everyone is in a joyous mood though. Krampus is quite the tenacious beast and you'll need skeleton keys to stop him.

KingsIsle's "advent calendar" is the 12 Days of the Spiral event. Each day reveals something special that players will have the opportunity to capitalize on.

This year's day 1 reveal was the return of charity mounts. Seeing as how KingsIsle hasn't done a holiday charity mount since 2014, this was a welcomed surprise. Players were disappointed that the comeback didn't include a new mount design, but the cause is still a great one. Net proceeds from the Charity Noelephant (2013) and the Charity Bah Humbug (2014) up to $50,000 will be split equally between Creative Action and Children's Health. Each mount costs 7,500 crowns.

Day 2 introduced the brand new Gingerbread Pack. If you purchase the pack for 299 crowns, you'll have a chance at receiving the new Crumbles Gingerhorse mount, Gingerbread Man pets, gear, and more. To coincide with the pack launch, KingsIsle ran a limited time "Gingerbread Crowns Reward Weekend" event. For every 2990 crowns a player spent, they would receive a free Gingerbread Pack. Coming off the heels of the universally hated crowns event last month, this tweak was a pleasant development. Unlike the previous attempt, this event was actually attainable and gave a small, but appreciated, bonus to the players spending money in the Crown Shop. Pairing it with the pack release was clever given how much people tend to spend on new packs. Unfortunately the event ended on December 9th, but I'm hoping KingsIsle sticks to a similar format in the future.

Day 3 brought about the annual artwork contest. This year, KingsIsle has tasked players with decorating a snowglobe. Three grand prize winners will receive 60,000 crowns + an Aero Plains Bundle, five runner-ups will earn 25,000 crowns, and ten honorable mentions will win 10,000 crowns. You can read the full contest rules here.

Day 4 supplied players with their first giveaway. Redeeming the code "KRAMPUSFEST" gives players one wooden, stone, and gold skeleton key. Just enough to try out any difficulty of the Krampus battle. Day 5 only lasted one day, but it was a 50% off bundle sale. I actually know some people who wait around all year for this. For those who were not interested in buying bundles, KingsIsle also gave out the "YULETIDINGS" code good for a free 2017 Winter Wonder Pack.

The 12 Days of the Spiral (soon to be 13) event will be in full swing until December 18th. Make sure to check back every day to see what's new and what you might be able to snag for free. Crowns anyone?


Vanessa Mythdust