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The Hills are Alive: New Wizard101 Aero Plains Bundle

By Vanessa Mythdust on November 28, 2018 | Columns | 0

Even before Empyrea Part Two hit the live realm, a new Wizard101 bundle had made its way into the game. Since 2014, KingsIsle has been an active participant in Extra Life - a charity event aimed at helping sick and injured kids by uniting gamers around the world. To encourage their community to help in this effort, KingsIsle provided prizes for when players raised a certain amount of money.

KingsIsle's 2018 prize lineup consisted of the following:

  • $25: Pantera mount in Wizard101 and Pirate101 + a mystery baby animal in Animal Cove
  • $50: 10,000 Crowns to use in Wizard101 or Pirate101
  • $100: A brand new "mystery" bundle

When Extra Life gameday passed (November 3rd), the top tier donators discovered that their mystery bundle prize was the then unreleased Aero Plains Bundle. While the bundle stayed exclusive to Extra Life participants for some time, KingsIsle officially released the new bundle on November 21st.

As high level Wizard101 players will recognize, the Aero Plains Bundle is modeled after Empyrea Part Two. It is available from GameStop (both in-store and online) for $39. The bundle includes:

  • Aero Village House
  • Blue Ox Mount
  • Squirreligig Pet
  • Aero Plains Gear
  • AeroCannon
  • 1 Month of Membership or 5000 Crowns

Aero Village House

Like with most $39 bundles, the house is one of the highlights. The Aero Village house prominently features a circular pond where you can fish up some big catches. The house's waterfall contains a tunnel which will take you to your own private duel circle. If you're able to carefully navigate through the house, you'll also be able to find a hidden windmill which supplies some extra free goodies. Because the house floats on an island-like land mass, the exterior decorating space is limited. The interior space is laid out differently than most other castles, but it's still much roomier than it looks from the outside. Overall, it's an interesting approach and a great choice for the more unconventional wizards of the spiral.

Blue Ox Mount

The Blue Ox is a pretty nice mid-sized mount. It doesn't give any special stats, but it does come with the standard +40% speed boost. While it's a little bigger than I expected, it's much easier to maneuver than say the T-Rex or Whale mounts. It's all personal preference!

Squirreligig Pet

The Squirreligig is a storm pet that comes with an Unstoppable card. Don't let its cuteness fool you though - this pet has come to play. As far as starting stats go, this one has a fairly competitive set. All of the pet's stats start with a max above 200 - the lowest being 220. If you're looking to get your hands on this pet without buying a bundle, keep a close eye on the Wizard101 Central hatching meetups section here.

Aero Plains Gear and Wand

Unfortunately, the Aero Plains gear and wand aren't very competitive in the stats department. They don't offer much at all ... especially when you compare them with other options currently available. However, the good news is, players who love the aesthetics of Empyrea Part Two will absolutely love the look of this gearset. The spinning AeroCannon wand is also a very unique weapon choice for any wizard. I always love it when KingsIsle gives us something out of the box.

What do you guys think of this Empyrea Part Two themed bundle? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 


Vanessa Mythdust