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The B-Team: Wysteria Style

Vanessa Mythdust Posted:
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Let's be honest ... Pigswick Academy students aren't the brightest of the bunch. That's okay though; their silly antics make for quite a humorous hoard pack. KingsIsle loves to secretly add new Crown Shop items into the game whenever a new update goes live, and this past summer update was no exception.

The Wysteria's Lore Pack centers around the whimsy world of - you guessed it - Wysteria. The kooky realm holds a magic school not unlike Ravenwood, but its students and faculty are rather ... unique. The pack touches on this aspect by introducing 3 new trainable spells based on already existing spells (but with a Wysteria twist!) Let's just say that if the Ravenwood spells are the "brand names," then the new Wysteria spells would be the "knockoffs."


Pigsie is a 4 pip life spell which heals all allies for 550 health (more if you put an enchant on it). Unfortunately, this little piggy isn't nearly as graceful as a pixie or fairy - but she'll still get the job done.

Ninja Piglets

Despite making fun of a well known myth spell, Ninja Piglets is actually a 4 pip balance spell. It deals anywhere between 425 - 505 damage and comes complete with the Wysteria clumsiness we all know and love. I actually laughed out loud the first time I saw it. 

Angry Snowpig

What do you get when you mix an evil snowman and a slippery piggy? An angry snowpig of course! This 4 pip ice spell deals 235-295 damage and steals 1 ward from your opponent.

Currently all 3 of the new spells are only available from the Wysteria's Lore Pack, but that could always change in the future. When asked if the spells were dropped by the Loremaster, KingsIsle's community manager replied, "They are not on Loremaster . . . yet . . ."

Of course, yet is the key word in that sentence. If you're itching to get one of these spells, you may want to wait a bit before dishing out a bunch of crowns. After all, KingsIsle also has a tendency to make hoard pack spells craftable, so that's always an option down the road.

Other Pack Stuff

In addition to the new spells, the Wysteria's Lore Pack also contains new gear and an eerily familiar pet.

Gear: Like any gearset, it's ultimately going to come down to personal preference. The hats emphasize offense, the robes focus on defense, and the boots are a little mix of both. I personally prefer gear that's universal all around, but this Wysteria set could certainly be useful to people who are looking to improve in specific areas.

Pet: The Greenman Sapling life pet bears a striking resemblance to a certain potted hero. I personally love the reference and think the pet is adorable. The starting stats are pretty average for a first gen pet, but they can always be improved through hatching.

Overall, the Wysteria's Lore Pack is incredibly humorous and fun. The new spells and pet are interesting, but it's up to you to determine if you want to take a gamble. Luckily, you can pick up a FREE Wysteria's Lore Pack item (or entire pack) by redeeming a key here. Good luck!


Vanessa Mythdust