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Something Rotten This Way Comes

By Vanessa Mythdust on October 04, 2017 | Columns | 0

KingsIsle wasted no time getting into the spooky spirit. Jack Hallow and his friends are back in the spiral, the water is crawling with creepy catches, and Spooky Bob has returned with his Halloween items (including a new Obsidian Mimic pet!). One of my personal favorite things to do in Wizard101 during October is complete what I call "The Evil Veggie Quest." Well, the actual name is "Something Rotten in Nightside," ... but I'm close enough!

To attempt this yummy-I mean evil- quest, you'll need to be level 13 and have completed "The Sixth School." If you qualify, head on over to Dworgyn in Nightside where he'll tell you about the strange things afoot in the Haunted Cave. Crunchy, juicy things ...

You see, apparently Tarley and his brother Carley were experimenting with a new method of gardening. One that required darkness instead of sunlight. The gardeners don't know exactly what went wrong, but they do know that their crops turned to the dark side. Now Carley is trapped in the cave with the killer veggies. Time to do what we wizards do best - save the day! But before you can reach Carley, you'll need to fight your way through 2 battles of Blood Bats. There is a third battle, but you can just walk around it with no problems.

Once you blast your way through the cave's rubble with your dynamite, you meet up with Carley and see the evil ripened creations with your own eyes. It turns out there's more to the story though. Nosferabbit, the Vampire Hare, is actually the one behind this edible nightmare. The troublesome bunny apparently stalked the spiral's farmlands for Veggie Juice - and his victims were cursed with undeath. After you take care of his last line of defense, it's up to you to stop this madness once and for all. 

Luckily, it seems the crazed bunny bit off far more than he could chew. With Nosferabbit out of the way, the spiral is safe once again (until the next threat comes around). As a reward, you receive the Frankenbunny pet and have the option to purchase transformations from Tarley and Carley's "costume shop."

Although the rewards aren't anything extraordinary, and the dungeon itself isn't that difficult, this kooky dungeon has become an annual Halloween tradition for me. The references, the humor, the EVIL VEGGIES ... it just always makes me smile. 

What Wizard101 Halloween traditions do you have?


Vanessa Mythdust