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Wizard101 Articles

Wizard101 - The Problem With Crown Shop Bundles

Wizard101 recently have run some sales and specials which have raised some eyebrows in the community. Seth explores the sales, both the good and the bad.

Wizard101 - Wishes For 2021 In The Spiral

Seth breaks down his wishlist of changes and updates he'd love to see as 2021 continues forward in Wizard101.

Wizard101 - Major Changes Are Coming

Join Seth has he tackles the upcoming multi-phase rebalancing changes coming to Wizard101 on the curr3ent Test Realm.

Wizard101 - Keeping Things Challenging

Seth talks about balancing and keeping things difficult in a MMO like Wizard101 in his latest column.

How Dark Could A Wizard101 World Be?

Seth explores the dark side of Wizard101, looking at how great a turn the storyline could take based on examples already in the MMORPG.

Wizard101 - Recapping The Halloween Updates For 2019

With every October comes the Halloween festivities to the spiral, and this year is no different! While we wait for a potential fall Test Realm, as teased by the official Wizard101 Twitter, we have our yearly Halloween event up in the spiral! As with previous years, we have the return of the Halloween packs, such as the Elven Nightmare and the original Nightmare Pack! As well, our nefarious rabbit friend is stirring up trouble in Haunted Cave with his veggie goons - check that event out! Let’s take a deeper look into the new stuff this year - featuring a new mount, a new simultaneous release pack to both Wizard101 and Pirate, and a new elixir making quite the splash within the community!

Diving Into the New Wizard101 Lore Spells

The summer test realm has hit the live servers recently, and with it brought the new Beast-moon event, the Scroll of Fortune, and some other surprises! One of those nifty surprises is a brand new lore pack, the Grizzleheim Lore Pack! Within this pack, you can obtain some awesome Grizzleheim themed gear, three variants of a new Fenrir pet, and of course, three new spells! This time around, we have a Life, Myth, and Storm spell. There has been quite the talk of these, so let’s take a closer look at each and dissect all the discussion around these three spells!

Wizard101 Summer Test Realm Recap!

It’s that special time of the year again, where the doors are opened, and brought forth are some new and exciting additions and updates to the Wizard101 universe! This time around for the Summer 2019 Update, we have improvements to the First-Time User Experience (or FTUE for short!), a new Beastmoon event, some more Deckathalon fun, and a few other special surprises. Let’s dive in! As always, with Test Realm content, everything is subject to change!

Wizard101's Currency Crisis

In the world of Wizard101, the game revolves around two different sets of currency: Gold and Crowns. The latter of the two is the premium currency of the games, obtainable through purchasing them, bundles, contests, or giveaways from fansites or from KingsIsle themselves. However, today we’re going to take a dive into the other currency and examine the problem of how accessible gold is and how it is creating an ever-growing dilemma.

Wizard101's Fantastic Fairytale Bundle

When you think of fairytales, is your first thought bright orange skies with clouds? No..? What about a giant candy house in the middle of nowhere? Well, Wizard101 got a little creative with the Fantastic Fairytale Bundle and threw in some quite unique elements along with your typical fairytale cliches! With gardening boosts, a daily item generator, and several other secrets, this house is gigantic, so let’s dive in!

Potential Wizard101 Plot Points: Three Paths of Storyline

In Wizard101, there have been several storylines presented throughout the history of the game. We have the recent completion of Arc 3 with Old Cob and Grandmother Raven fighting and potentially altering the future of the Spiral. Finally, we can’t forget the side worlds of Grizzleheim, Wintertusk, and Wysteria, each adding their own unique storylines! With every passing arc, the stakes are higher and the villains are bigger than ever. Where do we go from here? I have some ideas!

Wizard101: A Hi, a Bye, and a Little Pi

Pi is something that has always fascinated me. It's a number that goes on forever in a seemingly random fashion. Everyone knows the first three numbers are 3.14, but where it goes from there and where it eventually ends up well ... that's a mystery to most. It's hard to believe, but I've been writing here at MMORPG for a little over three years. Having just toured the KingsIsle office for my first time back in the summer of 2015, I was the perfect person to do a teaser article for the chilly Wizard101 world that was yet to come - Polaris.

Wizard101: Spring Gleaming

Wizard101’s spring update hit the Test Realm recently and I finally got the chance to take a look at all the new features and changes. While I expected this update to mostly focus on “quality of life” additions, KingsIsle actually provided a pretty good balance by also including a brand new event and a pair of skeleton key bosses.

Wizard101: Ride Like the Wind, Horse-guy!

There are 2 - well, sometimes 3 - things I love about April. First, April is my birthday month, though, I’m sure that’ll become less exciting as I continue to age. The second (which is conditional) is Easter. When it falls in April, I finally get to consume unhealthy amounts of pastel-colored chocolates without feeling one ounce of guilt. The third? April Fool’s Day. Seeing all the crazy things companies come up with is hysterical. Joining in on the fun, KingsIsle released their 2019 April Fool’s Day mount this past Monday named “Maximum Horsepower.”

Connected KI Universe: Is Prospector Zeke a Clone?

I’ve always been fascinated by complex and somewhat crazy connection theories. The Pixar Theory in particular is one that I heavily follow. Even if things don’t match perfectly, there’s just something fun about exploring what ifs and drawing dotted lines where the creators never intended them to be. Or did they?