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Wizard101 Articles

Teacher's Pet

Last week, Wizard101 introduced a brand new hoard pack into the spiral. Unlike many other hoard packs which revolve around key areas, this hoard pack puts a spotlight on Ravenwood's professors. Along with look-alike clothing, the Professor's Hoard Pack gives wizards the opportunity to receive school themed mounts, wands, and a furry friend.

Monstrology and More

April is finally here, and Wizard101's spring update will soon follow. After multiple months of teasing, KingsIsle unveiled the upcoming spring update on the Test Realm at the end of March. While the update doesn't consist of any major storyline content, it does introduce a brand new mechanic that could prove useful in the future.

Test Realm: Imminent

The most recent KI Live gave players a look at what's to come in the next Wizard101 test realm. Although a new world isn't in sight, new school pets, Monstrology, skeleton key bosses, and maybe even a jewel vault will be coming our way very soon.

Luck of the Mythdust

March is upon us and that means Pat O' Gold will be in the spiral soon enough. If luck is on your side, you can even snag some of her festive items from Lord Nightshade. He's always a popular target around the holidays! Speaking of luck, how has yours been lately? As a mercenary at Mercenaries101, I get to assist many wizards with various challenges. Some of those runs go wonderfully, while others are SUPER unlucky.

On the Side

Wizard101 has added plenty of side areas for players to explore through the years. While they're all fun to experience at least once, some hold more value than others. In this post, I'll be sharing which side zones/worlds I think are must-dos, maybes, and ones you could probably live without.

You've Got a Friend In Me

It's all about friends during this fabulous February! The annual Friendship Festival celebration will return to Wizard101 very shortly. As always, Valentina HeartSong will come out of hiding to share her unique loot with all the friendly wizards in the Shopping District. I don't know about you, but I've made a ton of friends throughout my Wizard101 journey. Many of them I feel will be friends for life.

A Community Divided

While game difficulty disagreements have always been around, it took center stage when Mirage, Wizard101's newest world, Mirage, made its debut and it took some players by surprise. Mirage could easily be a tough adjustment for some. Difficulty concerns were echoed on the official message boards though other players welcomed the change in difficulty and praised KingsIsle for the new challenge.

Ghulture Culture

KingsIsle decided to kick off 2017 with a bang by introducing a brand new hoard pack to Wizard101. Inspired by Mirage, the Ghulture's Hoard Pack is any desert lover's dream.

The Long-Lasting Additions of 2016

Can you believe it? 2017 is less than a week away! Although it wasn't perfect, 2016 was a pretty great year for wizards in the spiral. Just last month, Wizard101's newest update introduced the desert world of Mirage and a new max level of 120. Other notable additions were divide and conquer spells, pip conversion, and faction vendors.

Holidays Hit the Spiral

Ah, it's the most magical time of the year. Time for the Christmas Elves to come out of hiding, time for the snowmen to commence their chilly battles, and time for all Wizard101 players to whip out their cherished holiday charity mounts. Yuletide has returned to the spiral once again, and the surprises aren't going to stop anytime soon. In addition to the return of Felix Navidad in the Shopping District, the annual 12 Days of the Spiral event has already kicked off.

Mirage Raider's Bundle Hits Stores

Timed perfectly to coincide with the ongoing testing of Wizard101's newest world, Mirage, is the release of a brand new bundle. The Arabian-themed Mirage Raider's Bundle is currently available at GameStop for $39. Not sure if it's for you? I'll be going over some of the highlights.

Mirage is Here!

Last week, Wizard101 unleashed its newest world - Mirage. To start adventuring, players must be level 110, have completed Polaris, and have access to the Test Realm. Although Mirage will be the highlight of this post, Wizard101's Fall 2016 Update came with much more.

The Shinobi Bundle Is Here!

Wizard101 officially announced its newest bundle last week - the Shinobi Bundle. This one appears to be influenced by the bright and ninja infested world of Mooshu. Although the new bundle doesn't include a castle or a gauntlet like some others do, it does have some interesting, cute, and possibly deadly items.

Mirage is on the way!

Wizards better put their heavy coats and snow boots back in the closet because there is an imminent temperature change coming to Wizard101. Last Friday, KingsIsle's monthly livestream event, KI Live, gave players their first glimpse of the next world - Mirage.

Valuing Failure

Failure. The word strikes fear into almost everyone. After all, not many people purposely set themselves up to fail. But here's the thing, can you really value success if at first you don't fail? Every game has a learning curve, and that means that you've probably suffered from a loss or setback at least once or twice. I know I sure have. However, looking back on it, each of my struggles made my eventual triumph that much sweeter.