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Wizard101 Articles

Teen Derby 101

The winter KI Live snowball race has become an annual tradition. A tradition that usually ends with me completely trampling Wizard101's community manager live, in front of hundreds of people. Not only is it cool to showcase my racing skills, but it's also awesome to see derby get some much needed attention. What better time to go into developing teen derby pets than race day?!

Empyrea Opens on Test Realm

After a couple of fun teases, KingsIsle finally opened the Wizard101 Test Realm on October 18th. Since then, wizards have been testing and exploring all that the new update has to offer. Below are a few highlights.

Empyrea is Coming!

Do you feel that? It's the Wizard101 Test Realm hype in the air once again. After weeks of teases, players finally have a better idea of what's to come in Wizard101's Fall 2017 update. Let's recap!

Something Rotten This Way Comes

KingsIsle wasted no time getting into the spooky spirit. Jack Hallow and his friends are back in the spiral, the water is crawling with creepy catches, and Spooky Bob has returned with his Halloween items (including a new Obsidian Mimic pet!). One of my personal favorite things to do in Wizard101 during October is complete what I call "The Evil Veggie Quest." Well, the actual name is "Something Rotten in Nightside," ... but I'm close enough!

I Admire You, For the Things I Can't Do

lthough I would love to do EVERYTHING in Wizard101, I know it's not possible. We all have our little in-game hobbies that we excel at and enjoy. Mine is derby - but most of you knew that already. Today though, I'm not going to be talking about me. I'm going to be talking about all of you, the community. Doing cool things in-game that I'm either not good at or just don't have time to do. So .... here's to you.

The 9th Birthday Celebration Continues!

Wizard101 turned 9 on September 2nd! It's really crazy (and awesome) to think that the spiral is one year away from entering the double digits zone. Unfortunately, not everyone was in a celebratory mood. KingsIsle's game servers were the target of DDoS attacks over what was supposed to be a very cheerful holiday weekend.

Everybody Loves Free Crowns

Crowns, the premium currency in both Wizard101 and Pirate101, can be used to buy anything from new zones to hoard packs, mounts, and even pets. Although crowns can be purchased directly from KingsIsle, there are actually a few ways players can obtain them for free. Interested? Let's take a look...

A Penny for My Thoughts

I'm surrounded by questions. Whether I'm in-game, on social media, or just logging into the forums, it feels like there is always someone trying to get my attention. And honestly, I don't mind! I love sharing my thoughts on the game or offering any kind of help or advice I can. However, there are a few questions that I get asked more often than others. So, I thought it'd be a good idea to compile them and answer them all. I'll only charge you a penny ... ;)

The B-Team: Wysteria Style

Let's be honest ... Pigswick Academy students aren't the brightest of the bunch. That's okay though; their silly antics make for quite a humorous hoard pack. KingsIsle loves to secretly add new Crown Shop items into the game whenever a new update goes live, and this past summer update was no exception.

Nooks and Crannies

As mentioned in my last article, Wizard101's most recent update deals with numerous player concerns and suggestions. Everyone loves a good storyline update, but it's important not to overlook the small details that improve an ever aging game. Simply put, quality of life updates make the game "healthier" for years to come.

Turning the Tables - Let's Talk PvP

It's that time again ... Wizard101's test realm is back online! While the summer 2017 update doesn't contain any new areas or bosses, it does try to address numerous concerns players have had over the years. Specifically, KingsIsle really honed in on PvP.

Your Reputation Precedes You

Whether we realize it or not, a game's reputation greatly impacts whether we decide to try it or move along. Since Wizard101's creation, it has been labeled by many as a "kid's game." Though the game is marketed as a "family game" and its playerbase consists of a wide range of players, it's not hard to see why Wizard101 gets the kid's game reputation. The pre-selected character names and a highly restrictive chat system are just two of the elements that usually clue people in.


May is coming to an end, and that means summer is fast approaching. While warm weather, vacations, and no school warrant excitement on their own, Wizard101 players are particularly looking forward to a teased summer update. Players got their first glimpse of a couple of new features during May's KI Live.

EverClicker Presents Promising Opportunities for KingsIsle MMOs

Not many people know KingsIsle Entertainment as a mobile game developer, but the company has been increasingly focused on that area. KingsIsle's first standalone mobile game, Rise and Destroy, was released in 2015, followed by AlphaCat in 2016, and now EverClicker in 2017. The apparent "switch" from MMOs to mobile games had Wizard101 and Pirate101 players a bit worried. Luckily, recent developments may help calm that uneasiness.

Turn of Events

In 2013, Wizard101 introduced the concept of "events." The idea was that these events and the dungeons/creatures they brought with them would only be around for a limited time. The Lost Pages event kicked this idea off and the Five B.O.X.E.S. event wasn't too far behind. Although both events were fun upon their initial release, many players feel as if they've gone ... stale. I think it's time for a new event!