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Do You Want to Build a Sandman?

I'm not exactly sure how Christmas in July started, but I'm sure not complaining. Wizard101 kicked off its celebration on Monday. Players have until July 29th to visit Felix Navidad, grab seasonal items, and participate in Christmas festivities.

Making Old New Again: Wizard101 Test Realm Coming Soon

Wizard101 is getting a 2018 makeover just in time for its 10th anniversary. While Renee Wooften puts the finishing touches on the revamped areas of the spiral, players remain eager to see the final result. Luckily, KingsIsle has supplied MMORPG.com with two exclusive teasers for the upcoming summer update.

Castle Uses For The 'Decorating Challenged'

There are some VERY talented and dedicated housing decorators in the KingsIsle community. Me? I'm certainly not one of them. I envy people who can see a blank canvas within castle walls. All I see is storage space. So, you can imagine my awe when I visit other houses with decorations dangling from ceiling to floor. If you're "decorating challenged" like me, you'll be happy to know that there are a few other uses for your castle other than a pretty tour destination.

Battlemage Keep Bundle

Wizard101's newest bundle is here and it (literally) takes players to new heights. Supplying a castle in the sky, the Battlemage Keep Bundle is $39 and only available at GameStop.

Wizard Origins: Who Am I?

As Wizard101 quickly approaches its 10 year anniversary, one mystery all the way from 2008 still remains unsolved. Who the heck are we and where did we come from? The game opens with Headmaster Ambrose and Gamma looking into a crystal ball. They claim that they've found someone who can ave Wizard City ... someone who comes from a world that doesn't even believe in magic. Then whoosh. Is it just me, or did the game just glaze over our entire origin story?!

New Wizard101 Prepaid Cards Make an Interesting Entrance

If I've learned one thing over my 5ish years playing Wizard101, it's that the KingsIsle community is extremely dedicated. Whether it's in or out of game, most players are willing to do whatever they can to help other community members and support the game they love. This dedication made an interesting appearance over the weekend when 2 new prepaid cards were discovered and located in Dallas.

Here There Be Unicorns

After a few weeks on the Test Realm, Wizard101's newest update officially launched. Although it doesn't contain a ton of new stuff to do, it did try to tackle all things pets.

W101 Springs Into Test Realm

Hello spring! Wizard101's newest update is now available to test on the Test Realm. Although it doesn't contain the much anticipated continuation of Empyrea, it does introduce various "quality of life" features that players have been asking for.


Since Professor Falmea asked the community about minigames last week, I thought now would be the perfect time to delve into those underused and under-appreciated resources.

Zero Energy Fishing Makes a Splash

Last week, KingsIsle unveiled Wizard101's newest member benefit: zero energy fishing. Member benefits tend to be hit or miss depending on a particular player's in-game habits, but here are how mine break down.

Random Thoughts: Team Racing and Myth Minions

Some of the best ideas come when you're least expecting them. I was hanging out on TheArtofWarlord's birthday stream over the weekend, and we discussed (what we thought) were some pretty cool Wizard101 ideas. Two big ones were team derby racing and expanded myth minions.

Spells I Dread

I think we've all been there. You're staring down a boss when all of a sudden he/she whips out THAT spell. Yes, THAT one. Now, the word "that" could be replaced by pretty much any spell depending on who you're talking to, but today I'm listing the top 5 spells that I personally dread seeing. Here we go!

New Pack Takes Players Back

A new year, a new hoard pack. On Monday, Wizard101 introduced the "Alphoi Hoard Pack." If you're scratching your head at the word "alphoi," it's a type of race/creature in Empyrea. The tall skinny dudes to be exact. One was even holding a "The End is Pie!" sign. Suddenly the end doesn't seem too bad ...

2017 in Review

And just like that the holidays have passed us by. It's hard to believe that 2018 will be here in less than a week! Hopefully KingsIsle has some cool stuff in store for the new year, but in the meantime, let's look back on all of the new features 2017 brought us!

Holiday Joy in the Spiral

We're almost halfway through December and that means Kingsisle's holiday celebrations are in full force in both of their games. Felix Navidad is back in the shopping district, present boxes are scattered throughout Skull Island, and festive decorations are all over the place. With past favorites returning, and some new holiday items and activities making their way into Wizard101 and Pirate101, the 2017 Yuletide celebration is looking to be a good one.