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Winter's Twilight Overview

After 1000 years of peace, the world of Atlenas has opened it borders to all races allowing brave adventurers to explore its unchartered lands. New dangers have emerged causing havoc across the three Realms. Players assume the role of an adventurer set in one of the three major empires. They can choose a profession and begin their life in the lands of Atlenas. The world is now their oyster. Many possibilities are available to the player, whether you want to adventure the lands looking for quests or become one of the most wanted by taking part in our PVP system.

Gathering and crafting professions give you more possibilities to advance your character, maybe your armour will be frantically sought throughout the land, perhaps your potions will be known throughout the world.

Anything is possible in Winter's Twilight.


  • Join thousands of other players as you struggle to make the world your own at the dawn of a new age of civilisation.
  • Unique PvP system with one-on-one, party, guild and realm warfare. With diplomacy skills, create temporary safe zones.
  • Strategic battles using myriads of combat styles & other specialised skills.
  • Class and skill based system, with character customisation through experience based specialisation trees.
  • Dedicated Role-Playing and Non Role-Playing servers.
  • A vast world to explore with hundreds of discoverable points of interest.
  • Practice experience based trade skills including Carpentry, Alchemy and Geology - become a high level character without ever killing a monster.
  • Perform a heroic deed, gather enough attention points and make the in-game news boards! Directly affect the game. See your character bio online.
  • Explore dungeons filled with terrible monsters and exotic treasures!
  • Rent / furnish properties from the smallest hovel to the grandest mansion.
  • Form your own guild, establish your own rules and punish those members who break them!
  • Form a hierarchy in your organisation allowing experience and money to flow upwards, benefits to flow downwards!
  • Take part in the many hundreds of dynamic quests to further your character and to shape the story. Some quests are entirely epic in nature and will require the organisation of large groups of players to complete.
  • Over 100 animations per character enliven your on-screen persona.
  • Hundreds of weapons, armours, potions, spells, artifacts, furniture and many other types of object to be found, bought or taken!
  • Postal service to mail bulky items to other players or your hometown.
Group and Party Information
The Way - Experience System
Aldhaven, Halldor and Tuathal