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Winning Putt Articles

New Course, Club Crafting & Holiday Events Arrive

The latest Winning Putt update has been deployed that brings a number of interesting things to players. Those over level 15 can access a brand new course called Harsh Cape that challenges players with a cliff side experience with rolling hills, cliffs and narrow fairways.

Steam Launch Day Arrives with New Content

Bandai-Namco has sent word that it's golfing MMO, Winning Putt, has officially landed on Steam. The new version has launched with new content including a new course that will become to players at level seven and above.

New All Hallow's Eve Event Swings Into Game

Winning Putt has been updated with a new patch that brings tricks and treats into the game. Players can earn goody bags that can contain costumes, special Halloween-themed clubs and golf balls. The event will take place from today through November 3rd and goody bags are earned for logging into Winning Putt, while weekend log in rewards two goody bags.

Celebrate National Golf Month & Score Prizes

With National Golf Month in "full swing" (haha!), Winning Putt players are scoring some nifty rewards through game play. Each day logging in sees players getting hold of items to assist in their game. The more days logged in, the better the prizes.

Starter Pack Giveaway

In celebration of National Golf Month, MMORPG.com has been given Starter Pack gift keys to give out to our members! These keys will give you items such as a Special Club Set For Beginners, 5 Energy Bars and much more! Get your key now!

Guild Functionality Added in Big Summer Update

Winning Putt has been patched with the Summer Update that brings a number of features to guild functionality. In addition, the Summer Festival brings new even missions and decorative items around the main Square.

Not Exactly Par for the Course

Bandai Namco and Webzen are out to capture an often overlooked segment of the gaming community, namely sports fans of the more cerebral type who enjoy a round of golf – only this time, of the virtual sort. Winning Putt is hardly the only golf game on the market, but it is a title that not only appeals to sports fans, but it also brings some interesting mechanics to the genre in its MMO and RPG features, though at a cost, and a high one too.

What's Next for the Golfing MMO?

Namco Bandai’s latest MMO, Winning Putt, is an arcade-style golf game and it’s getting ready to take you to outer space and beyond! We recently played the latest build at a press event in California.

An MMORPG Golf Experience

If you were to tell me that there’s an upcoming golf game that’s part PGA Tour, part Mario Golf, and all MMORPG, I’d probably look at you funny. Yet, that’s exactly the theme of Winning Putt: combining accurate golf mechanics with larger-than-life abilities and all of the features that you’d expect from a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game.