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Why MMOs Fail: A Look At Why Some Games Failed To Break Into The Genre

Many MMOs have come and gone over the years. Kanishka takes a look at why MMOs fail, specifically honing in on two of the biggest ones in recent memory.

With Fallen Earth Back With New Servers This Week, Is there Another MMORPG You Would Love To See Brought Back?

Fallen Earth is back this week after just days ago announcing it would be returning with Classic servers, which has seen many in the MMORPG community celebrate this unexpected surprise. But if you had your way, is there any other MMO you'd love see return unexpectedly and unlooked for?

Review in Progress #3

Next week, we’ll finally slap a score on our WildStar review. I can already taste the disgruntled sentiment of some readers, the tears of joy from others, and the /shrugs of even more. I’m actually running out of things to talk about here, as between myself and our weekly WildStar columnist Gareth Harmer, I feel like we’ve gone over and over pretty much every aspect of the game.

Review In Progress - Part One

It used to be, just a few years back, that if two high profile MMOs released in the same year, chances are they would mirror each other in tone and mechanics. Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to ESO and WildStar. And for this I am thankful, because so far WildStar is a refreshingly upbeat and robust theme park MMO. Read on for the first part of our Review in Progress.

Gauging the Critical Reception

Earlier this week, I and some other team members here at MMORPG were trying to guess just where the game would land in terms of critical acclaim. We were pretty evenly divided into two camps. One side believes that WildStar will sit in the 80s, and the other side of the argument thinks that Carbine’s freshman game will fall somewhere in the mid-70s due to backlash that other recent MMO releases have been receiving.

Too Much Hand-Holding?

WildStar doesn’t hold your hand… it drags you by every body part in a million different directions and can leave you feeling absolutely torn on what it is you should be doing. My question for Carbine and you all is: does WildStar point the player in too many divergent directions or is more always better in an MMO trying to please so many playstyles?

Story of the Week: WildStar Revealed

This week's reigning news king deservedly goes to Carbine Studios and their newly announced MMORPG: WildStar Online. Though there was stiff competition coming out of Gamescom 2011, this bright new star (pun intended) has everyone talking.