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Did F2P Conversion Work? Korean Investment Bank Weighs In

The largest investment bank in Korea is predicting that NCSoft's stable of games will have had a fantastic year overall, but that Carbine Studios' WildStar did and will continue to struggle for survival even after a free-to-play conversion in late 2015. Daewoo Securities has published its estimate for the results of the forthcoming 2015 investor report to be revealed later in Q1 2016.

PvP Matchmaking Updated to Benefit Solo-Queue Players

Players in pre-made groups will find the wait times to be matched against solo-queue players to be longer due to an overhaul in the WildStar PvP matchmaking system. According to the update notes, the rating offset for groups was too small and has now been significantly increased.

Two New Leaders & A Musical Peek at Ascendancy

The WildStar team is on a roll this week with in-game events and a new Loremageddon article that profiles two faction leaders, Kezrek Warbringer and Durek Stonebreaker. In addition, composer Jeff Kurtenacker has posted a haunting piece of the Ascendancy music on Soundcloud.

Steam Powered Nexus?

It’s gone free to play. It’s launched an item shop. In this week’s column, Gareth Harmer asks the inevitable: should WildStar launch on Steam?

Sim-Chase to Begin on January 13th

WildStar players have another event in which to participate beginning January 13th. Called the Sim-Chase, players take part in Adventures to earn Hardlight Shards that can be extracted from Sim-Cores to trade for some pretty cool housing plot decore pieces.

Boss Hunter Challenge for Big Rewards

WildStar players can take part in the Boss Hunter Challenge from January 7th through January 10th. World Bosses and Legendary Champions sit in the reticule of all players and when one is brought down, they will feature a 100% chance to drop a Shiny Token and a lockbox key. Normal monsters also have a small chance to drop the same.

The Evolving Free-to-Play World

Is WildStar’s free-to-play implementation a success? In this week’s column, Gareth “Gazimoff” Harmer tackles that very question.

Protostar Gala Winterfest Begins

WildStar players in a festive mood will want to check into the game today as the Protostar Gala Winterfest hass officially commenced. Players will find new activities, festive costumes and furniture, daily quests and much more as well as 'screaming deals' on game shop items. To celebrate the big day, Carbine has released a great new video. See what you think!

Forecasting the Future - What 2016 Could Bring

With the Space Race and Protostar Extravaganza rounding out a year of WildStar, Gareth “Gazimoff” Harmer looks at what next year could bring.

Let the Games Begin - Space Chase Blasts Off

The WildStar team has that the Space Chase has officially blasted off. The event will last from December 9th through December 16th.

Final Round of Planned Server Merges to Begin Tomorrow

The WildStar team has posted a note to players on Entity, Entity-2, Jabbit and Jabbit-2 that tomorrow, Wednesday, December 9th at 4:00 am Pacific / 7:00 am Eastern, servers will be down for regularly scheduled maintenance. During this time, the aforementioned servers will be merged as the final cluster in the planned mergers that began in November.

Gala Winterfest Extravaganza Kicks Off December 16th

WildStar players have tons of holiday goodness ahead judging by the new post on the official site. The 'Gala Winterfest Extravaganza' is ready to kick off beginning December 16th and lasting through January 1st and comes packed with special daily login rewards, consumerific shopping experiences in the SuperMall-in-the-Sky and much more. All this goodness is brought to you by the profit-oriented Protostar Corporation.

Enemies & Allies - Mondo Zax & Deadeye Brightland Profiled

The Loremageddon section of the WildStar site has been updated with a pair of new entries in the "Enemies & Allies" section. This time Mondo Zax and Deadeye Brightland, two of WildStar's most iconic characters, have been given the star treatment of a new biography and much more. These two legends join Axis Pheydra in the ever-expanding section of Loremageddon.

Designing Your Own Corner of the Heavens in New Event

The WildStar team has posted a note about a new event that will take place from December 9th through December 18th. During this time, players taking part in level-appropriate shiphand missions will be able to grab hold of Eko Particles that can be exchanged for Eko Chits that can then be used to buy some ship components. Players can put these amazing ship creations on their home plots, sadly not flyable, and show them off to the world via any of the WildStar social media sites.

The Corrupt Crystal Ball

As the year comes to a close, we catch up with WildStar’s story so far, and take a peek at what might lie over the horizon.